Prussian Cavalry

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Hi guys, first let me just say what an awesome mod this is! massive map, tons of factions and a bucketload of units. exceptional.

i am however having some difficulty in recruiting or training prussian cavalry. i know that you can recruit cavalry of various factions from the staff sargeants etc in the main cities but i have yet to see any prussian cavalry there, what gives? i'm looking for a repleniishable supply of prussian hussars. any tips on where to find them or how to train them?? is there a unit upgrade tree available anywhere??

thanks heaps in advance for any help anyone can give me!
Well, if Prussia has either joined France or the Coalition, you can recruit at the Staff Sergeants' in other cities that are allied with Prussia (so either French & pro-french or Coalition cities -- no neutral ones!). If Prussia hasn't chosen a side, well... then you'll have to wait untill the recruitment-pool of Prussia's Sergeants is replenished again. Or you can recruit more infantry, or use Mercenary cavalry...
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