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I had an idea, inspired by a certain song I like and it's music video... I'm not requesting this for myself but I'd really appreciate if it was done and used in a mod ... it should be pretty simple.

I don't have a picture to use but uh, in this video, the horsemen with bags on their heads, basically I'd like a similar headgear... a hat like that, and a baggy cloth with eye sockets under it... simple, right?

*EDIT* And now that I think of it  :razz: ... maybe the mask in the end would be neat too, a helmet with a front like that.
I would be extremely grateful in someone can UV map the Surcoat over Mail model to a texture of it's own. It currently takes up about a quarter of a 1024x1024 texture which is a pain for those who just want to use that model. My mod will have at least 20 variations of this armour and ideally 30-40 which would lead to a waste of 30-40mb.
Aragorn1632 said:
There's a Katana in Native?
The closest to a Katana is a saber.
Maybe I'm wrong but I doubt it.
It's hidden in chests along with a dai-katana, wakizashi and a tosei-do.

I'm not sure if it's still ingame though. Search the forum for 'strange sword' or 'hidden chests'

Jubal - a bactrian has two humps right? I know in storymod they had a camel with ONE hump... ask winter, maybe they made another model of it.
anyone wants to texture this? (i suppose it just sort of view problem (i mean that corrupted model))
you can use it of course if you want
Amigo said:
anyone wants to texture this? (i suppose it just sort of view problem (i mean that corrupted model))
you can use it of course if you want
what's with the alphabet helm man?
I have a request for some resized armours. This is very easy to do providing you have 3dsmax (which I don't have) so I'm hoping somebody will do me the favour. It will take no more than 5-10 minutes and would be a huge help. An example of what I'd like done:


I resized these myself only to provide an example and I can't actually use these in game (they would need to be re-rigged). I'm not asking them to be resized to exactly that size (I think the shoulders are still too narrow there), but to what it would look like on a heavily armoured man.

The armours I would like resized are the mail_and_plate, light_mail_and_plate and the light_leather armours, all located in armors_b. These models are better than the others in the game, are UV-mapped better, use one armour per texture sheet and have an extensive lod system. They are by far the best armours to be re-textured but the native models are just too thin. I'd be very grateful for someone to fix them for me.

Alternatively, I wouldn't mind someone rigging this:


It doesn't look much there, I just wanted to see what lo-res mail (it's a 512 texture while the good native armours take a 1024 sheet for themselves), but it gives me a good blank canvas to work from. I don't have to worry about using every armour on a sheet and it's also laid out in a nice way (the mesh outlines are still there) as well as being suitably shaped.
I'm lookng for ancient mediterranean stuff; a falcata sword, a hoplite spear, and greek style linen curiasses and greek helmets. Do any mod shave these?
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