[Proposal] Ban poors from ranked skirmish mode

Shall we ban poors?

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Evening fellow Bannerlordians, today is your chance to get rid of the global toxicity, greediness and criminality hovering around our favorite competitive game mode. The community has witnessed a major crisis since the last update concerning the general atmosphere and quality of ranked skirmish games, hence why it is (in my opinion) important to come altogether to dig us out of this situation by taking some major decisions:

1) Ban the poors from accessing the ranked skirmish mode

As it is well known by the vast majority of people here, poors tend to be more prone to commit crimes and felonies in the real world, I fairly believe it's also the case on internet and more specifically on video-games.

I'd like to recommand a few articles written by highly trustable journalists and scientists about the correlation between poverty and crimes before further developing my opinion in case some people have doubts about it:

Source 1)

Is poverty the mother of crime? Evidence from homicide rates in China


Source 2)

Crimes recorded by neighbourhood income deprivation decile in London


Source 3)



2) How do we filter poors?

I simply propose to ban anyone who has a net income for the past year (2020/2021) inferior to 120.000$ which is equivalent to 10.000$ a month, the bare minimum to not be considered a poor, this will bring more balance and allow like minded people to enjoy the game without being disrupted by pleb

3) What's the solutions for poors aside from having fun staying poor?

Create a special matchmaking mode for these people, which will separate the superior class from the low class, like in the tv-show Snowpiercer

On a last note, this subject of society interests me and I have my opinion on the matter. Unfortunately it is impossible for me to share it with you, due, on the one hand, to the laws which delimit freedom of speech in my country and, on the other hand, to the conditions of use of Taleworlds forum that I had to accept by creating this account. Thus, the simple fact of expressing my opinion on this space of discussion would expose me to sanctions on behalf of the administrators of this forum and possibly of the apparatus of justice of my country. It is therefore with great regret that I will content myself with reading your exchanges without participating in them, beyond this message.

Hans 77

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Knight at Arms
Despite making up only 13% of the multiplayer population, Skirmish players account for over 80% of toxicity
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