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Prophesy of Pendor Version 3.0 Status Update

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Also in our PoP tournaments you can win some VERY nice armor, so don't discount that factor when you talk of rewards.  But betting on yourself will still net you the most monetary gain.  2K is the standard monetary reward for winning a tournament.
Ehm. Sorry for my absence. I had a large problem with internet. So you updated first post - wonderful!! I have a question about noldors. Will be any specials ways to cooperate with noldors?  Will they be able to help player? (you know, for example join to player party)

OK. I see that you talking about tournaments. They are great, difficult warriors, they are very fast - good. For me they are quite easy, some of them are medium. If you are veteran of M&B you should defeat all opponents. I like fast fights, when enemy is good trained. This adds dynamics and fluency to the game, game becomes more interesting. If enemy is good trained you never now what he can do.
Fawzia dokhtar-i-Sanjar said:
You will find the Noldor very interesting in a variety of ways in PoP 3.  Sorry, but specifics can't be let out until the game is released.

I think that you talking about Lethaldiran (and some elves which player will find on the ways of Pendor) -Lethaldiran Mercenary Noldor in page 15.
Good to see that. (post about elves)

And what about music? Music is important think in game (in my opinion). I like to listen good music when I am playing M&B. For example this solos on guitar are very good (mediaeval music - great) I play on guitar and I like that types of music. These songs fit to PoP. All music is very good - good job.

Greatest regard for team of PoP 3
That's a good point, I had forgotten about the armour, always a nice bonus when you win some.

My thinking was that as an early character with little money and even less chance of winning than in 2.5, it would be rare that I'd risk having any sort of decent bet, and if I did manage to scrape a win the reward (2k and with the odd chance of armour) would be a little underwhelming. As I mentioned before I certainly wont win each and every tourney (my best was 9 in a row trying to beat Sir Raynes Dads record), but if I see Marleons for instance turn up I'll pretty much gamble most of my denars with a decent chance of getting a good return. Late game when money is less of a issue I just hit 500 each bet with the renown value being more of a award.

Sorry for hijacking the update thread with this, just an observation. Considering the amount of work you put into the mod I'm sure it'll work out in practice :smile:

edit: And as Ãbyss said I could always modify the reward myself.
RE: PoP 3 Music:  I have - with the help of Adorno, Ermine, Flanged, Rejenorst - introduced a great deal of ambient sound to PoP 3, as well as replacing every single piece of Native music.  Some of the music is free-use for non-commercial distribution, other music I personally paid to license, including a composition by the Witcher's composer. (Not music used in The Witcher.)  Additionally, there are other equally famous composers' works in PoP 3.  All will be revealed in its full glory when SD releases PoP 3.  Until then, you'll just have to wait to find out more.

Edit:  The guitar music is by Jon Sayles, a very fine classical guitarist who specializes in medieval music.  He has a Web Page from which you can download his music - just google Jon Sayles+guitar.

Now, back to the original topic!
A quick view behind the scenes:

I just finished implementing 18 new factions that will help the AI simulate the behavior of the various knighthood orders in the game as well as the appropriate dialogue/voice-overs.

I am starting to believe that we will need a quick reference so the players can easily predict their behaviors.  For example the Knights of the Lion and Knights of the Dragon are not on the best of terms and they go out of their way to engage each other. 

Ditto for Dawn and Eventide, Radiant Cross and Immortals, Ravenspear and Clarion Call..

There are Order factional likes and dislikes as well...such as the Order of the Dragon will always help Ravenstern faction, and the Order of the Lion will always help Sarleon.

What we are implementing for the Knighthood Orders is to make them slightly independent.  Meaning that while you can create an order at a location.. they are not completely under your control and sometimes they will spawn small “Questing Knight” bands of troops that may be of your faction and they may be of their own faction looking out after their own goals. 

Engaging the various Knights of Orders can (depending upon their faction) cause them to have a negative reaction to you as the player and can cause a situation where it is impossible for the player to create the knighthood order in the future.  In addition if you take a location where an Order exists and they are not on good terms with you, then they spawn more “independent questing knights”. 

This can become a problem if these small bands of hostile honor troops start hunting down your farmers and trade caravans..


manekemaan said:
what happens if I put ravenspear and clarion calls in the same army?

As long as the troops are under your banner (ie.. faction), you are fine.  However if the orders generate out these spawns.. and they meet.. well.. it will be interesting to watch.. and consequences if you join one against the other.

This adds a new element of political intrigue to the game and keeps you on your toes. 


Great! So it'll be easier to get some of the things that the honor troops drop.

If they have stuff that's hard to get. ... ah Ebony Plate! But do I want to charge into their siege crossbows ...
I was just reading the tales and perils of Sir Wankalot  :lol: and got an idea. Since we can buy books is there a way to buy a book for example called Sir Wankalot's tales and actualy get to read the text maybe as an option when camping or as an option of someone telling you the story - book seller for examlpe. SD's The world of Pendor (History and Tales of Pendor) - Backstory should be included for example. I am not writing this to be in POP3 but just putting the idea on the table if someone from dev team want's to bite in it in the future versions.

Hope the bug hunt is going well and the battle is nearly won!
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