Project: Roleplay-events combined with Mumble - Roleplayfans wanted!

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First of all: Sorry for my possible bad expression or grammar faults, I speak better english than i can write it!
Okay, I'm looking for more people to start sometimes Roleplay events that are announced in a Steam group, or possibly here in the forum.
I have several ideas for relaxed hours and am of course looking forward to more suggestions.
Here some of my ideas: to talk Mumble is used (so microfon is required :idea:), otherwise Roleplaying is in M ​​& B often pretty boring. Who Mumble does not know: It is similar to TeamSpeak, but the voice of the player is bounded to his ingame position, so it is more realistic like you speak in reallife, you know the direction and the sound will be louder if the player is near you and more quiet to no sound if the player speaking is far away.
Modules will be used depending on the type of event, eg can be Persistent World (along with my ideas), but also Native is enough for fun. There can be found lots of games running from 30 min to several hours - the chest of ways to play has no end, the gameplay is infinitely expendable, and that with every module.

Add me on steam and/or join my group, if we grow there will be much fun and english and german speaked events will be played, maybe there will be a day both languaged are mixed into one roleplay event (possible with for example napoleonic wars).
I have tons of ideas and am open for new suggestions.
Tell me your opinion,
- Viking

PS: Sorry for all US guys, this will be always EU server...
Sounds like a very adventurous idea and I really hope you make it happen. I'd also be glad to help out if you need it, shoot me a pm.
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