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sorry for the necro, i was just leafing through here, thinking about old times. Isn't it neat that for some of the big modders, like Yoshiboy and leodan flamelock, this was their first project?
ah, the good old days with mag7 and not a billion new people on the forums. oh wait, i was a noob back then lol.
The birth of the Repository in it's first more crude incarnation was around this time as well. Wasn't this the first mod uploaded?
i believe so, yeah. I think there were a couple of other little things here and there that were loaded up, but this was the first proper mod.
Even the indoor mesh that every scene was built around is now gone. And besides, the workers at ikisoft have made a much better job of things with their expanded tools than we were able to with our limited objects.

I wouldn't mind a similar thing for outdoor scenes, but there's not really much we can do in that regard, seeing as they've done a pretty good job anyway..
Well... I don't know if it's still around in the files (look around for bo_thirsty_lion, i think it's called), but that scene is no longer used anywhere in the game.
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