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Aww come on, OK I'll reduce the amount.


Notice the subtle damage on the shields texture? ^_^
i was messing with the editor when i had an idea. As terrain doesnt change in you stay in the same spot:

after exiting a town, you are directly on it. Now if you use the "camp" command you then have the terrain for the point of the town. i started building a town on top of the terrain corrasponding to the place were the town is.

If you enter then leave the town and go to the "camp" command you attually go into a seige like battle (now that i build up walls and building etc) It rocks :smile: this seems like our only hope of haveing seiges. Someone needs to sort out the camp command to stop that crash bug tho and make the soliders have some AI and equioptment or something :smile:

If anyone wants to try out what i just descriped i will put my files up for download.
I think it'd be better on a wall, that way you wouldn't see the arm straps sticking out behind the shield. It'd serve to fill up some dead space as well. Also, what's that thing at the very top of the shield? Can't make it out. :???:
But your town will show up everywhere.

Edit: a throwing knife and a throwing dagger. Plus, I moved the straps correctly around the bars. And it's good to give them peasants a nice scare. But if you say so...

It'll be for tomorrow though. Later guys.
Yeah, Lhorkan's right. The battle map only has one file, so if you build anything on it it'll show up on every battle map in the game.

Lhorkan, I'm only making suggestions, it's your call. If you manage to make it look good, do it any way you want to. Good night. :smile:
yay! im usless with the edit mode... i cant understand why tho :???: im just too much of a retard :sad:
Oh yeah and one more think Okin: I couldn't get Rolf. :sad: I went through all 90 objects, but no Rolf.

ctrl-E Makes you start/stop editing.If you stop you will get a choice if you want to save or not.
Insert Create thing right infront of you.
delete Destroy the item curretly selected
ctrl-left/right arrow Changes category of the thing you create (got to create to see what you do).
left/right arrow Changes the specific item in the category you have chosen (got to create to see).
page up/down Cycels trough the items already created.
enter Selects the targeted item
W,S,A,D Move camera around.
C,F Move camera up and down.
T (hold, move mouse) Move item up and down.
U (hold, move mouse) Rotate item left and right.
G (hold, move mouse) Move item around.
Y (hold, move mouse) Rotate item around the "Y-axis".
Z (hold, move mouse) Rotate item around the "Z-axis".
X (hold, move mouse) Rotate item around the "X-axis".
R Set item in a strait position
Good job, all of you!

It's nice to see this many enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Me, i haven't started on curaw yet (i posted this last thing last night, and now i've only just woken up, and i've got a lot of University work to do today anyway, so I can't play just yet.)

I like dhorak keep Lhorkan, but maybe it needs a few more weapons hanging around, just to give (a bit more) feeling that this is a place of evil and torture.
Just a note with new versions: It would be good practice to back up all your files that you've worked on. I believe they are the .sco files in the modules/native/sceneobj. The tavern's don't appear to be named by the city they are in, so back them all up.
Amazing job! :grin:

To move character position you need to select and move their entry points.

Most scenes (including Dhorak Keep) don't have entry points so NPCs spawn at default locations.

So to add an entry point for Baron Rolf:

(1) Add an object of type "entry point".
(2) Move / rotate it as you see fit.
(3) By using the keys + and - set the entry point's variation_no to the NPC's entry no.

Entry no's are hidden in troops.txt. Player's entry no is always 0. Baron Rolf's entry no is 1.
Theres a puzzle solved. I was trying to lay down entry points for the two bandit helpers at Dhorak... plus and minus keys. ok.
Ah, that explains Lhorkan's troubles. Rivacheg had an entry point ready for Count Mira so it wasn't a problem for me.

I'll add a jailer next to the table next time I'm editing. Thanks a lot, armagan! :smile:
My pleasure. All of this will be much more usable once I release the mod-tools. (I want to make a few last changes before that)

Seeing how well you guys use these tools gives me the urge to move into our new office at once and create tons of new objects and buildings. :razz:
No rush, but we'll definitely be looking forward to it. :wink:

One question, though: Where exactly in troops.txt are the entry numbers displayed? I took a quick look but couldn't figure it out.
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