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Ingolifs said:
Just E-mail me the maps at [email protected]

Oh and smaug, you think your tavern has a sucky name? I finished my curaw tavern, a place where wild drunkards like to fight, eat and drink at the same time, and later on i found out it was called 'the yellow frog'.
Teh captainz beard roxx. :grin:
Just a note to everyone involved.
Try not to place too many battlement and village houses in your scenes. It produces a large negative effect on framerate.
Um yes, i played around with your count's room, and the removal of 2 bttlements and some other unnecessary nicknacks gave a massive boost to performance.

Take a look.

Before i did the changes, i was getting a framerate around 30. Now, i get a framerate of between 67 and 75 around that area. I removed 2 battlements, the third side building, a chandelier, two torches, and some grates. Nothing that i feel really affects the feeling of the area.
Some poor-quality equipment lying on the floor, various head- and leg gear on the shelves. Better armors are hung up on the wall."


Gosh, looks like my moms closet, but you forgot the" whips and cattlebrands.
^ thinks that there is already a member above you thread.

Hahaha ... sorry for that. :oops:

So have they all been compiled yet?
^is an egg.

Um, i've got Dhorak keep, uxkhal, jelkala, and sargoth at the moment. Still haven't finished the count's room in Curaw.
Also, both uxkhal and sargoth are missing their taverns for some reason. If yoshiboy and smaug could send their taverns over, it'd be great.
I have finished the Halmar merchant and smithy. They are not crammed full of items because I prefer some space to walk around. The textures are only blurry on my naff computer so don't worry. Please tell me what you think!

The Merchant


The goods

The potters wheel on the left and various pots for sale on the right

The storeroom and the merchant's weapons

The rest of the room

The Smithy


The smith's furnice, anvil and tools

Weapon racks

Bows, helmets and some boots
Hey, great work guys. Please finish it and release it as soon as possible. Im waiting for you. :smile:

Ingolifs, I see the Taylor series expansion of sinus function in your sig if I remember correctly (it has been long time since I graduate from EE engineering department). Are you studying engineering or what?. Sorry for being off topic.
Wow, looks great!

I haven't posted new pics for a while.Why? The answer is simple - I haven't done anything postworthy. Why is that then? Well the merchant, which is the only thing I have undone, has been bugged totally now. If I ask a quest the game crashes, and if I ask about what to buy and what to sell there, he won't give me an answer. I tried replacing the merchant file, but nothing happened here. Maybe I should zip 'em without the merchant then?
Don't worry about the merchant himself. Just concentrate of the buildings. Everyone's merchant is buggered until armagan can fix it. The merchant himself is independant from the room. Nothing in the room can affect his code.

Yoshiboy. That bed looks almost exactly the sme as my curaw count's bed.

Barbaros. I am majoring in chemistry, with some calculus on the side.

From what i've recieved, i think i'll be able to get a first version up and running by this evening (it's morning here) I just need to assemble all the maps, zip them and upload them to that guys site.
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