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I hope it, Okin. :wink:

Also, after all of you release this; would be any posibility of updating for newer versions? I mean, if you released this on v.704... would be possible to update and use it after a newer M&B version was released?
I can't think why they wouldn't be compatible. They have been thus far; I think my Rivacheg armory edit is from 0.701.
Got the Uxkhal Silver Dragon, Tavern done, pictures to follow soon. I don't know how to export my rooms though, where are the folders and how do I extraxt them.
smaug_the_dragon said:
Got the Uxkhal Silver Dragon, Tavern done, pictures to follow soon. I don't know how to export my rooms though, where are the folders and how do I extraxt them.
Just find the scn_uxhal.... files in the SceneObj folder located in the Native file.
captain_bloodloss said:
so how many are emailed and done and ready for downloading? any approximate time when we can expect the whole thing?

I've recieved two cities already, and i expect that many others are on the verge of being done.

But unfortunately, it won't really be finished until everyone has completed their city.

What I might do is release them in stages as we go along. No point in holding Sargoth and Jelkala back while we're waiting for Wercheg.

As someo of you may know, the names of the taverns aren't a generic 'Reyvadin_tavern' or anything as useful as that. Instead they are all named with things like 'the green man's bag' or so forth.

I've done some fiddling, and (after wiping up the mess), i've come up with this list.

The_alehouse:---> Wercheg
Bards_corner:---> Suno
Captains_beard:---> Tihr
Fox_cub:---> Tulga
Golden_bow:---> Khudan
Green_mans_bag:---> Reyvadin
Goat_and_the_hound:---> Halmar
Willows_kitchen:---> Rivacheg
Red_stag:---> Praven
Shy_monkey:---> Uxkhal
Singing_pumpkin:---> Veluca
Thirsty_lion:---> Sargoth
Three_swords:---> Jelkala
Yellow_frog:---> Curaw

I have omitted the 'the' from the start of the name, 'cause i'm lazy. So don't be surprised if you can't find 'captains_beard.sco in the sco files, because the real name is 'The_captains_beard'

The four files you want to find are in mount&blade\modules\natibe\sceneobj
They are the 'castle', 'smithy', 'merchant', and the above mentioned tavern. So for example, if you were okiN and were doing rivacheg, the four files you'd need to send me would be: Rivacheg_castle.sco, Rivacheg_smithy.sco, Rivacheg_merchant.sco, and The_goat_and_the_hound.sco

If you've done any alterations to the center or to the troops.txt or conversations.txt or anything like that, you can send those along if you really want to, even though i won't do anything with them at this stage.
I have finished the Halmar merchant and smithy, I will post some pictures when I get home.
By the way, how do you move NPCs? I'm sure someone mentioned it but I can't find the link.

Ps: Please don't post screenshots to websites with porn on them as they are blocked by the school.
ok these are kinda small, just started up wid photobucket etc etc

Overview of the Room

Dining on one side

Dining on the other

The Bar



with the chandelier i just put torches at relatively same angles of rope and put em at candles, looks semi-nice

Da Food

Da Drink

Every tavern owner should have a cudgel behind the bar just in case...

Whenever someone comes in, they have to give up their weapons

Comments? Help on how to get bigger sized photos?
ok, this is pretty easy,

open up your mount and blade unofficial editor.

click on the units tab and add a new troop.

rename this unit whatever you want the NPC to be called.

now, none of these stat boxes are really needed.

Look in the garenteed section and tick the peices of clothing you want your NPC to wear. Dont tick a box if you dont intend your NPC to wear it.

Out of the miscellaneous options you dont want any of the boxes ticked.

under that pick the sex of your NPC.

in the faction box select 'fcn_Commoners'

in the Site box pick the site at which you want you NPC to appear.

The next bit is the important bit, this is the entry number of the scene and directly refers to the entry number variations you get in the object placer/editor thing.

Hire Unit and Hire party boxes can be kept blank.

In the appearance box fiddle with what you want your NPC to look like.

In the inventory add the clothing that you want your NPC to wear. Note: DO NOT ADD WEAPONS, this will make a crash when it tries to load.

Everything else can be left how it is.

Now, go into the scene of which you added them and you should see them standing in the center somewhere doing nothing :razz: Go into edit mode and add the entry point with their variation wherever you want them to stand.

You now have a basic NPC :smile:

that guide seems pretty noob proof, tell me if you have trouble.
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