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hmmmm thats a good idea. building a fort in the middle of the arena, to get in you cant be on a horse, and it is a tower esc area to shoot people
Yeah, I'm trying to be innovative in the designs: instead of just a different configuration of items, I'd like to do new things. I edited the map for the trainer's room, and I put grates in the entryway into Zendar (not to mention more effects, which are also in the screenshots). I'm currently trying to put a passage into the door near the entryway, and an entry point on the other side of the grate, but I can't quite figure it out.
That said, I have been able to make it so that if you go to watch an arena battle, you can go to the door on your left, and go through the passageway there to go back to Zendar, rather than [lamely] hitting 'Tab'.

I made a fire in the fireplace in the tavern, but I can't add too many torches to the fire, because it makes the room extremely bright. *snaps fingers* :mad:
I'm confident that my Zendar is complete, and I think it leaves enough room for people to add on a few bits here and there if they so wish.

Edit: Well, I shouldn't say it's necessarily finished. It looks good, and has been improved (I'd think), but it might be more of a template than a final version.
I wanted to put up pictures of some work I did of the arena a little while ago, but since photobucket is being a ***** i'll throw down a few pictures of my hobby. Hippie hunting.




It is a hippie peace rally!

They must be slain!


Hell yes.


They are running!

There is no escape!
Leodan, how the heck did you do that? Me wants too, though I wanna give 'em some weapons!

150 river pirates, me and my battle-axe... Well I guess I can spare one pirate's life... Well not.
lol, thats hilarious if not totally in the wrong thread :razz:

I think a little castle or something in the areana would be great, all a little juice to the fight but i dont think the computer would know how to use it.
Jelkala is pretty much done. Too impatient to load all the shots up to imageshack, so here are some preview bars.


Town Center. Castle guard comes default. Stableman, Trapper, Townsman and Townswoman are optional.


The Three Swords Tavern. Patron and Poet optional.


The merchant. Jelkala is famous for its velvet, so this high demand good is conveniently placed near the door.


The two smiths are located in a wing of the keep, with a passage connecting to the count's court.


Court. The slave girl and Captain are optional. Still undecided over the carpet added in, since it hits the fps pretty hard.
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