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Well I think first of all, the only thing we should copy over are the maps themselves. We won't worry about extra people or town centres until after this thing's completed.

That's probably the best way to do it.
Feel free to put entry points for extra people in though. That way those just updating their .sco files still get the default citizens, while those wanting the expanded mod will have everyone load up in the right spot.
Taurandhir said:
But if we add extra people in each scene, wouldn't it be very hard to make one big mappack from our work?
It shouldn't be too hard, just copy the extras out of your troops folder and send it in.
Hi all,

Anyway... I was bored and wanted to try the edit thing out, so I messed around in Zendar. I only have one pic cause I can't be bothered going back and forth to paste into paint...

What you can't see is to the right of my character. Is a table outside to Merchants, with a few tools, linen etc. on it. Then around the corner from the tavern I have a cart, loaded with sacks, one barrel and a bundle of furs. I also placed three horses into the stable, and made a barrier of sorts out of tables at the entrance to each 'cubicle'.

Anyway, heres the pic; Click on me! :smile:

As you can [probally see] I moved the slave trader down against the far wall, and added grates to the tunnel bit to give the impression of thats where the slaves are kept until a ship or whatever comes to get them.

I added another stall which I placed the Tornoment master into, and placed the trainer there aswell to give the impression that they are 'talking'.

Arutha, go get Fraps and you'll be able to take screenshots by just pressing an F-key. You'll have to convert them to JPG though, as they're ouput as .BMPs.
Ah, doesn't matter though. I figured out how to do it quickly :smile:. Press 'Print Screen' then pause, and press 'Alt & Esc'. Then just paste into paint and save :smile:.

Alright! Zendar-off! :razz:
It isn't finished, necessarily, and my graphics card sucks, so dynamic lighting and shadows are off, but here goes:

We should collaborate! :wink:
Here was my version of Zendar from a while back.

Not bad--I like the attention to detail.
Would it be alright if I "borrowed" your dummy, and your grain sacks by the stables? The dummy's my favorite part.
Meh okay. There are too many versions of zendar floating around, each with its own unique little touches. One person might as well steal ideas from everybody else and put it into the same level.
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