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Here's an idea: The modders who are keen on experimenting with the Edit feature, could all chip in to revamp every single room in the game to include all those little nick-nacks and details.

The idea is like this: Everyone takes one or two cities, and populates the rooms in the cities, meaning the castle (count's keep), tavern, smithy and merchant's with whatever they see fit. Once everyone's finished, we all pool the corresponding files into one big zip folder and keep it as a 'prop detail patch'.

We can use this thread to discuss what we should put in our individual towns to keep some sort of theme running, while ensuring creative diversity. For instance, Everyone might want to think about a 'theme' for the merchant's room, based on their main commodity. (e.g. i'd suggest to the person doing Khudan, that Khudan's merchant should have lots of furs stacked around the room, and a few animal skulls lining the walls)

Since i'm the guy who came up with the idea, I claim Curaw as mine.

Well? Sign up here!

Ingolifs: Curaw Done
okiN: Rivacheg Done
Lhorkan: Dhorak keep Done
Yoshiboy: Sargoth Done
Smaug_the_dragon: Uxkhal Done
Seff: Veluca Done
Taurandhir: Khudan Done
Dynamite cow: Tulga Done
Tularaemia: Jelkala Done
Rathanax: Halmar Done

Half of Suno (count&merchant), Wercheg, Reyvadin and Tihr are currently free and up for grabs for whoever wants to do them.

Ravus will be doing Praven.

Version 0.6 is out. It can be downloaded here.
I dunno... I'll take Dhorak Keep, since noone ever ventures there anyway. And it's only one room. :razz:

Let the modding begin!
Ok guys, check it out. This my progress with Dhorak Keep up to now. :razz:

Some bandit chilling out Rolf's bar. Rolf nearly ran out of money because you're slaying all his troops, so he decided to keep it cheap. The wares at the grates are to tease the future prisoners to death. ;p

A better look at the weapon rack.

The beautiful chandelier.

The remains of last night's throwing contest.

Chilling out with Faceless.

I'll change the position of the ladders/sacks a bit, so the construction seems a bit more stabile.
I was remaking Dhorak Keep (seriously this time), playing with the passage/entry point. I moved the entry point outside the room, checking if it might make a new room. The result was an error, computer rebooting and not being able to enter Dhorak Keep anymore. Now I have to reinstall mnb. :evil:

If we sucesfully continue Roman Mod and if necessary mod tools are released, you might see an Athens, decorated from step to step.
Ok, I'm pretty much done with Count Mira's conference room. I decided that from now on he'll receive you in the armory of the Rivacheg garrison, which doubles as a jailhouse.

Upon entering the room, you're greeted with this view.

Directly to your right you'll see a weapon rack full of weapons, a couple of helmets, various arrows and a few bows, all just waiting to see action.

You'll then notice that in the name of decency the cell now includes a bunk (None too comfortable, though) and a few vessels for food and drink.

To the left of the cell there's some more equipment and another, smaller weapon rack.

There are a few more shields lying around, two of them next to the chest and candle leg.

A view to the jailer's table, note the falchions on the bench.

The jailer's table, now with a chair, food and drink, wall decorations and a barrel of ale in case the jug were to become empty.

Finally an overview of the room from behind the ale barrel.

Yoshiboy, weapons in a tavern? That's got trouble written all over it. The space in general seems severely overcrowded despite not having any benches or tables in it, and the scarecrow-cook looks silly. :???:
Yoshiboy, if you'd read the first post you'd realize that that's the whole point...

And if you want your stuff to be used, pick an area and stick with it, don't hog all of Calradia. :razz:
That's beautiful, Okin! :grin: Firt shots from Dhorak keep:

When entering...

I found the idea of a bandit keep with a normal entrance kinda lame, so I barricaded the normal entrance. The bandits were the only ones that knew the real entrance, until you found that suspicously close-to-a-window-tree...

Next up, a look at the torture gear and armoury (those peasant's better talk!):

That's what you get when you don't (peasants are great fun to practice your skills on):

Furniture finally has found a use.

Newly added while posting screenshots (yeah I'm lazy)

Bandit armour. From mountain bandits to sea raiders.

For peasant purposes.
Thanks Lhorkan, you've done a good job as well. A few things that struck me as odd, though:

It seems strange that Baron Rolf is facing away from you when you come in.

There are weapons in the armory that no bandits use (In fact, no-one uses glaives).

I dunno if you'd want to leave your implements of torture sticking out of a dead guy like that. Wouldn't they rust or something?

What are those rocks in the cell all about?

There's no bandit-related headgear or leg armor lying around.

The table you've pushed into the wall looks a bit dodgy, in real life that thing would fall over.

Also, make sure that nothing is clipping unsightily with the walls or other objects (Not saying you haven't, just making sure).

Good work overall, though, I love the torture equipment and dead peasants ideas. :smile:
Hmm yeah, I just put up some fany looking stuff in the weapon racks.

Rocks = throwing weapons = fun. But I can remove them, they're maybe a bit misplaced, yeah.

The gear in the bodies... well, I thought it looked good and didn't think about the fact it's actually quite a waste. <_<

Leg- and headgear, sure. There's still a corner left to stash them in.

About the table, sure, it would fall over, if you don't attach it to the wall. I'm sure he'd manage to do that somehow. Or do I have to put a ladder against it? :razz:

Is there a way to turn Rolf?
Sure there is. I moved count Mira, didn't I? He was originally standing at the back of the room. Just cycle through your objects until you see the XYZ thing appear under baron Rolf, then move it around and position him as you wish. He faces along the Y axis, IIRC.

And Lhorkan, about the table, meh. I'd prefer a small, four-legged table. A way to recreate the throwing weapons sticking out of stuff thing: hang a round/nordic shield up on a wall, put some throwing daggers in it and call it a dartboard. :razz:
Haha ok, I'll do that. :grin:

Shake your booty:

Oh and Okin, the peasant on the chest is sticking his right arm through the wall. You can't see it, but do you think it matters? Otherwise, he wouldn't really fit on it. :shock:
Nah, you can always say that the bandits cut it off. :smile:

That's a lot of boots, though. Doesn't really correspond to the general amount of gear.
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