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broken shield said:
What happend, is this mod still alive?

Yes, but im take desigen work more with mod AFTER beta 0.9 is relize ( or maybe if i dont have inaf time, after full game relized) Im sorry , but now half code is missing and I have no time to write a code instead of authors.

PS Now im work in M2TW team for grandiosus secret mod project, with many new features ( im work with new animation, models , and coding and scripting )
Im already write , im back , but not shure for long time  :sad:

Im look 903 , and find many my ideas goto Native  :wink:

So im find Native a little boring , but im dont want remake big code (strat part )  before full game is relized .
Im desigen move to battle part , and make battles more grandious and bloody  :wink: Im focus now to sieges , becouse im make many new models and working animations , for catapults, walls , battle towers , rams and others...

Im want also make geraldy for units , show who is feudal Lord . For this im take Native banners and place it on shields and flags . I want only few flags for group ( not for all , its jast test :wink: )




ps Im think flags like this realy good looking for Japonise mod - Onin no Ran , im not shure realy , maybe they already make it , im play it long time ago ...
The banners look nice but shouldn't there be only a few soldiers carrying banners? Like the lords and higher-ups? I think I can see a recruit carrying one in the last picture and it doesn't make sense.
to AvaRice
Yes , im write about  :wink:
I want only few flags for group ( not for all , its jast test  )

Hmmmm , maybe my english is not realy understendeble    :???: :mrgreen:

BTW any one want help with flags ? Im have match more plan about gameplay  :wink:

ps Im work now for make scene editor, for fast edit scenes , and make different test modes...
rmancrusader said:
Do you need any modeling help?

Ofcouse ! Im remember you want help me before  :grin:, maybe im may use you skiils now  :wink: Im want make now battle part more interesting( AI and Scripts) ,maybe add same new units and staff  :wink: Have you may model buildings ? Or you may help me with flags ?  :wink: ( Its realy easy , models already maked , need just remake it , but need many (60 ) )
Im want remake Natve buildings for make it open archicture , not jast close box ... For make town battle more interesting , fight in buildings . Im take Native models , and add doors( open-close with animation im make before)  , windows , rooms, interers , without any "passages".
Im want add my past work , catapults, draw bridge , siege tower , ram and other  :wink: Want add more little feudal castles(palisades) in villages . And many other things .
Im plan write hire about my progress :wink:

Now im almoust finish my scene editor , its help remake scenes and test it , without go to in game . Im think first relize my editors im upload tomorrow...  :wink:
rmancrusader said:
Alright, i will work on buildings, and a few castles, with interiors of course!

Good :wink: Im upload my scenes editor (1.3 Mb) , its help you make you work faster  :wink:

Im look about castles models ( im make in past more 80 not relized walls and towers models  :wink: ) in few days , and make list what need to remake , for coordinate our work  :wink:

Im look town scenes , its need complete to remake , and add buildings in castles ( dangons ) and add in villages wooden small castles or walls ...

to BeastMaster
Mod in development  :wink: , i hope soon relize new movies from mod  :wink:

ps I make many new tech and Ai features  :wink:

When im finish all, that i want , i think it will be 1.00  :wink:
Wait movies with new gameplay features  :wink:
New gameplay in strat and tactikal phases its general for me , but i not forget visual part ofcouse , more 50 new models buildings and other big staff .
New troops and new armors/weap staff i plan add after relize mod 1.0  :wink:
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