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Profitable Workshops mod changes default workshop parameters to make them more profitable starting from day 1 (day 0 is first buy date).

List of modifications
  • Workshop buy price = 1 denar (Game default = 12k+)
  • Daily expense = 1 denar (Game default = 25 or more)
  • Production change cost = 1 denar (Game default 2k)
  • Sell price = 1 denar (Game default = 12k+)
  • Maximum workshops player can have = all (Game default = 1 + player clan tier )

Sell price set as 1 denar for gameplay balance. If not, player could buy a workshop 1 for denar and immediately sell it for ~13k denars.

For curious players: There are 159 workshops in base game.


Bannerlord Tweaks users, load this mod after BT. This means Profitable Workshops needs to be under BT on mod load order.
(Note that I don't use BT, so I didn't tested both of them together, but I know BT also tries to modify workshop amount and buy price.)


Do not forget to unblock .dll files.


Source uploaded to GitHub. SOURCE CODE. Licensed under "The Unlicense".


My mods on Nexus: Naked Females / Faster Movement / Throwing Arrow / Less Damage / No Limit Bundle Updated / Start Campaign Married / Universal Female Soldiers / Enable FaceGen Sliders / Profitable Workshops .
Alternative edition Q & A

  • What is this alternative edition called WAY MORE Profitable Workshops?
    Alternative edition is for greedy players. They don't want to pay even 1 gold. They visit their workshops everyday by foot. They ask workers to pay them. They know this is the way to be rich in no time.

  • Which code differs between two versions?
    Alternative edition's Daily Expense is negative value. (-20k but since main hero has 0.5 multiplier it is -10k actually)

  • How this will affect my game?
    I didn't tested this alternative edition more than 10 days yet. Might cause making you filthy rich.
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