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Problems with the Captain Meta (and how to fix it by giving Light and Heavy actual roles)

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Agree with pretty much every single point made. Light infantry should be made faster. Heavy infantry's role shouldn't be just to be *better* infantry. They should have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Light infantry should imo be fast and flexible to suit a variety of situations. Maybe three main build being full melee, anti-cav spear, and maybe javs to have mild skirmishing potential.
I also like the idea of dividing light archers to be a bit more about kiting and peppering enemies with low damage arrows, and heavy archers about long range sniping and melee capability.

My biggest problem (apart from ramboing and other AI abuse) is with how skirmishers are handled in captain right now. Javelins don't really do damage, are unresponsive and extremely inaccurate when used by bots. Imo the skirmishers should have 1-5 javelins depending of type and build and the damage and responsiveness of the javs should be ramped up majorly. Also they are pretty much crawling now while pretty much the only time they can get even 1 kill with the javelins is when they can get behind an enemy. They are just unplayable. Maybe also give them *bonus against shields* on their javs so they can be used to soften shield infantry for your allies by breaking some of their shields. Very fast, with very high damage with pretty short range and limited ammo.
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