Unresolved Problems with game deactivation

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I'd like to ask how to deactivate Mount & Blade Fire and Sword? Currently it's activated on two PCs:

PC1: After Windows software update the game found new system configuration and used another key to activate itself (2 out of 3 activations are in use).
PC2: Recently I've upgraded my hardware (I added some RAM) and similar situation happened. The game couldn't recognise a system configuration and tried to activate itself again. This time I got a message that all of my activation keys are in use, thus I have to wait 30 days for another activation.

In addition, deactivation function that can be seen after running mb-oim.exe doesn't work - I got a message stating that system configuration didn't match the activation key and the process of deactivation failed. How am I suppose to deactivate all of those 3 keys?
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