Problems with editing some of the Native textures

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I can't edit some of the textures from Native game. I can only find their alpha transparency in textures folder, while in OpenBRF (and ingame) they show in all 3 forms (RGB, Alpha, Alpha_Transparency). Good example is costumes_4 texture. Any way to convert the alpha transparency to RGB form?
At I converted them in the following way:
First save it with the settings 'BC6H (Linear, Not-igned, DX 10+)' and then save it normally with 'BC1 (Linear, DXT1)'

Not sure how to do it at the other texture programmes.
Thank you very much! That fixed the problem. I also use so it was perfect.
Edit : I needed to update to newest version to get those options.
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Well, is there an way to convert that edited file back into the original format? Because it lacks normalmap and specular texture, making it look very cheap ingame.
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Well, I would make a copy of original file and convert the file to BC6H, and then to BC1 (LinearDXT1). After that I would edit the texture and replace the original with this new texture on BRF. Ingame though, these textures look really bad. (lack of normalmap/specular must have caused that)
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Ah, I see now what you want to do. Check in OpenBRF the shaders getting used by the other armouries. You need to pick one which is working without bump and spec map.

Alternatively you create bump and spec maps by yourself. Look for the programmes AwesomeBump or CrazyBump, a good starting point. I use the latter one and am still trying to improve at that part of texturing.
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