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Problems related to performance, something unusual.

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Sergeant at Arms
I have already mentioned this in another part of the forum and noticed that it is not a general problem. And it had happened to me exactly the same when I went from the stable version 1.5.7 to the 1.5.8 beta. Now, when going from the stable version to the new version,1. 5.9,I don't even know if it's beta or not ..., the performance problems reappeared. As soon as I installed it, I noticed when going to the settings, that everything had gone down to medium and low, I always had it high and very high, and when I started playing there was a huge lag on the map, it looked like a frame-by-frame advance. Did anyone else have this problem? I've heard theories of mining and all that.


Ive had the same thing, had to tone down my settings a bit and after 1 or 2 hours i need to restart the game completley, as fps drops too much and it gets laggy. It seems like that something is building up in the background with time, until its gets too much for cpu/gpu. I thought it originated from my mods. The indicator for me is that troops in the party screen start getting purple
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