Problem with Quest in story mode

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I have to chase some guy who hid letter in north, somewhere in cave near Hordaland ...but where? There is Odins cave visible from start of my game, is it that one? I tried to circle around town to find another hidden cave without luck, so I tried Odins cave and there is like 15 soldiers 4-5 of them are heavy with mail and I got 2 NPCs with me
Brunhilda(or something like that) She refuse to use axe because knife is obviously better option for her, even if practicaly she die after 5 secs
And spanish guy who have throwing javelins, never use them he just stand still without moving and his superpower is that he can bug your enemies so they hold still too ... really I am serious, they just stand there and watch each other without attacking hahaha
This was turning point, I used him to bug almost all soldiers and killed them from behind with axe, dont know if his face is so ugly or what the hell is scaring them on him (yet its still possible he is mind controling them)
Tadaaa, work done, cave is clear ...but wait ...what now? Where is letter? I tried to look around and in my naivity I was searching for some interactive chest or some crap ...but nothing so I gived up, pressed TAB and I am back on map, now when I want to go back there is no option for that, I get just option to turn back OR "I need to hire more soldiers".

So I again searched whole north to find mysterious cave and nothing, if it is Odins cave THAT cave I cant re-enter I am pretty much fuked up
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