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Problem with game....

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I received a steam update to my warband this afternoon, after which i went to play PWMOD. and i receive a error telling me. The server has 1.123 and i have 1.127, Very strange, every server says it.
I go to native and the same thing happens.
I try to uninstall warband from steam, CLICK THE DELETE BUTTON, and the box disappears and nothing happens, warband stays.

I am confused

i cannot use the patch form the website, becuase it says warband is not installed, i think this patch is for the retail (non-steam) version anyway.
Any other info you need, Im still trying to uninstall somehow

is it possible to use my cdkey, using the downloadable version off the website?
For Native you need to wait until the servers update their version.  For PW Mod we might have to wait until Laszlo updates it for 1.127
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