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Problem with fiefs and new member of the faction

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I know many people have already pointed out how weird and random the fief rewarding system is, where the player sometimes isn't nominated for any fief once it is taken, but my problem is something a little bit different. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem.
So i decided to make an Aserai campaign, and it was all good, we where at war with the southern empire who had both the company of the golden boar and the legion of the betrayed as mercenaries. Once i encountered both of these minor factions leaders, i tried making them chage sides to the Aserai, wich worked. The thing is i expected them to break their contract with the empire and make a new one with us and become our mercenaries, but no, they became vassals, just like me, and that made them eligible for fiefs. Thats the first part, but this is where it gets weird.

I also persuaded a Kuzhait lord and an imperial lord to change sides, and i realised after that, that every time my faction captured a settlement the new members of the faction where the only ones nominated, THE ONLY ONES, i mean, not me, not Unqid, the leader of the Aserai, not any other Aserai lord was a candidate. We ended up taking 3 castles from the kuzhaits, ALL of them went to Aldric from the company of the boar or the empire lord i persuaded, ALL of the settlements we took form the empire went to the legion of the betrayed (who turned on us at some point and literally lost us like 4 castles). Thankfully when we took Poros i was a candidate and used all of my influence to get it, cause guess who where the other nominees... Aldric from the golden boar and the Kuzhait lord (who didn't manage to get any fiefs, but was still nominated for every single one).

Once we took Lycaron and the golden boar was nominated for it even though they weren't even in the siege i had enough. I tried to kick them out of the faction, but even with the 2000 influence i had it wasn't enough to get any of them out, and if i used my influece to make them lose the fiefs they had, the new candidates for the fiefs where the same 3 that were nominated in the first place. And this isnt even exclusive to the enemies I persuaded to join. Shortly after i tried to use influence to get rid of them, a lord from the Western Empire randomly joined our faction, and guess what... he got 2 castles in a row, and was nominated for every other fief we took. This was so frustrating it totally made me quit that campaign, and it was my favorite one too, but what was the point of defeating every faction we fought when all the settlements were given to mercenaries or lords that turned on us after a couple weeks.
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