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I made this point earlier in a combined suggestion, but I thought I summit this single part again.

Proactive quest givers
Get quest request by messages, or even better get approached in settlements.
It would benefit the immersion in the world if these quest givers sometimes send a message to the player instead of waiting to be spoken to.
If a village or a town you own is having a lot of issues, it does not make sense for them to wait until you finally visit. They should send a message that they need your help.

I think certain quest should be available for trade or bandit orientated players.
This could happen after you reach certain thresholds in renown, trade, criminal rating etc.

Proactive quests for bandit characters (given to them in secret by an enemy kingdom)
  • Raid villages
  • Kill villager parties
  • Hunt down caravans
  • Kill/capture a noble
Proactive quests for a trade orientated character
  • Deliver food/goods to army or city
  • Deliver weapons to a castle/lord/army
of course the player should not be bombarded with constant messages :smile:
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