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Welcome to the People Regiments Official Saturday-LB forum thread.

1 9 - 0 0 PM GMT


Hello there! In cooperation with the founder 82nd we revived the People Regiments Official Saturday-LB.

The event celebrates its 3rd year with its 4th season. We would be glad to welcome you!


Server: will be provided at the day
Password: will be provided at the day
TeamSpeak: ts.1rhein.de /
Time: 7.00pm GMT
Sign up: 6:30pm GMT
Season IV Opened Event: 10/02/18
Next Event: 21/04/18



The registration for a week ends after our Saturday-LB at 7pm GMT. Then we'll accept new registrations.

When a regiment with permanent slot is missing without excuse the regiment has to count with the loss of its slot. If it is absent without valid excuse twice the regiment will lose its slot immediately.

In case of a deregistration we request you to tell us early.

It is still possible to sing-up short-term. The sign-ups start at 5:30pm GMT at our TeamSpeak-Server.
In addition, the representatives have to come at our TeamSpeak to tell the admin its current numbers and to get the server details.



We would appreciate if you can help.
Thank you!


You want to participate?
Great! Please use our sample for the sign-up here in the forum…

Name of the regiment:
Preferred Unit:
Sign-up period: (Once/Weekly)

… or visit us spontaneous on our TeamSpeak-Server before the event starts. We try to place regiments even short-termed.

With the sign-up you accept our rules. Please tell us your manpower as from 6:30pm GMT.



Attending Regiments
It is possible that a regiment can not attend so their slot is usable for other regiments. Just ask the admin if there is space.

Rhein  Bund ​

- [KSB] 49th (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) Regiment of Foot  Line : 10-20
- [KSB] 96th Regiment of Foot "Queen's Own Germans"(CO-Hoster)  Line : 10-20
- [KSB] 69th Turkish Regiment   Line : 10-20
- Open  Line : 10-20
- 2e Régiment d'Infanterie Légère Light : 12-20
- 2. Leib-Regiment   Cavalry : 10-20
- Nr12 Galizischen Infanterie    Rifles : 12-18
- 1Rhein_IR (CO-Hoster)  Artillery : 5+ (1 cannon)
- [KSB]  49th (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) Regiment of Foot   Artillery : 5+ (1 cannon)


- 82nd Regiment of Foot 'General Shepherd's Volunteers' People Regiments  Line : 10-20
- Open  Line : 10-20
- Open  Line : 10-20
- Open  Line : 10-20
-   1º Regimiento de Infantería Ligera de Aragón    Light : 12-20
- 6º Regimiento de Húsares Españoles  Cavalry : 10-20
- Grenadierregiment Nr.101   Rifles : 12-18
- 1st Prawns  Artillery : 5+ (1 cannon)
-   64º Regimiento de Cazadores Galicia  Artillery : 5+ (1 cannon)


Banned Regiments!


The Linebattle will last max.  5 rounds at 2 maps by two admins.

Officers may request to slay, kick or ban one of his members.

Every player on the server has to have a tag. If the admin does not know with which regiment the player is then he will
kick the concerning player from the server.

The leaders can type a “keep” or a “change” in the chat after mapchange. The majority wins, but the map must fit for every unit type.

It's allowed to spawn people until 1 1/2 minutes are over. It's allowed to revive people after hard rule breaking (such as teamkill on purpose)

In case three players from a regiment got banned from the server the whole regiment must leave.

Buildpoints: 100/100
Bonuses: Off
Chance to fall: 90%
Damage, when cavalier falls: 25%
Teamdamage: On (100% to friends)

Only officers are allowed to use the all chat. The all chat of the dead and the team chat can use by all.
The admins will stay on the TeamSpeak after the event and are available for requests or complaints.

Watch out for teamkills; no teamkilling on purpose!

No glitching! (Stones, …)

Do not destroy the work from an allied sapper, unless he tells you to.

No trolling!

No suicide actions/sabotage!

No stealing of spades, flags, etc.!

No insults! (Including sexism, racism, homophobia, nazism, etc.)

No provoking!

Do not mess with the admin in an inappropriate way!

No political statements!

No advertisement/recruiting!

Only Language is Allowed but İnternational language is allowed in the server, English,German and Turkish in the chat.

Chatbans are possible!

Concerning units
Unit Balance: To fill up dead soldiers is allowed when the a regiment picks musicians or flag bearer for balance.
The maximum of guns is not allowed to overstep. The balance is allowed to fight in close-combat.

Only 1 General per team. In addition, there are maximal two officers per line allowed.

Only 1 flag bearer, 1 musician and 1 medic per line. They don't count according to the unit limits. They are not allowed to fight "active" which means
they may defend themselves in melee but do not shoot.

If you chose a unit (like hussar or dragoon) you are not allowed to change the class in a running game. If you have to switch
into the other team you have to take a comparable unit.

If the admin exclaim the All Charge, you have to follow his order and you are not allowed to shoot.

It is allowed to pick up any weapons but: Riflemen (ranker) are not allowed to pick up muskets, lances, spears or something comparable.

Sappers can only be picked by artillery.

No shotguns!

OA is allowed by cannoneers and riflemen but forbidden for all other unit types (Infantry, Lights, Guards and Cavalry).

OA is allowed when
the officer charges,
the officer stands in or behind the line,
the officer stands in open formation,
the officer stands inside the square,
the officer does not stand in a line formation at the artillery position,

but not allowed when
the officer takes cover,
the officer is leading a line and
the officer stays lonely at a hill (or something similar).

OA is related to all officers and generals and it is unnecessary if they have a musket in their hands or not.

No shooting out of formation! If you join another line you adopt their behaviour.
An infantryman for example becomes a rifleman when he joins them. In this case he is allowed to keep the musket!

No ramboing! Lines under three men are no longer an own line. You have to join another line or fall back to artillery to
reload and shoot. Cavalry has to dismount. In addition, you are only allowed to change your primary target, as a
cavalryman for instance, when a secondary target is nearby the charge.

It is allowed for every unit to take cover at the artillery position. This is only possible behind defences like sandbags or earth works.
The entrenchment cancels only the formation. Rules relating to FiC and RiC are to consider.


FiC and RiC are forbidden. Only exceptions are:

The square at the artillery position and
urban warfare.

Both exceptions allow all units to practise FiC/RiC in the square and in/around houses.

Riflemen are allowed to, but RiC is strongly forbidden!



Unit Rules

Max. 2 guards as heavy cavalry

Is allowed to move under three men.

Is not allowed to lead other units than his guards.

Dismounted and together with his both guards he has an own line and has all benefits which come along with that.

The General is not allowed to attack on his own unless the allcharge has exclaimed. Though he can attack together with another unit.

The General is allowed to defend himself and to support allies.

The General counts to the OA-Rule!

5 to 12, whereof you can take maximal 6 artillerymen and maximal 6 guardsmen.

Only 1 Sapper each team and he belongs to the guards. If two regiments share one artillery slot, then it is allowed to pick 2 sappers.

Only 2 cannons/howitzers per team (1 cannon = 2 rocket launcher).

There is no limit for the distance between both cannons. They can go in position everywhere and you can take them to the place you want.

The artillery position has to be logical built. Flying platforms and towers are not allowed!

Artillerymen and their guards are one unit related to FiC. If the artillerymen are in charge the guards are not allowed to shoot anymore!

No explosives!

6 to 12 rifles

Firing in light formation with 5 men space.

Allowed to move in an open formation.

Allowed to fire while retreating.

Allowed to crouch and fire in an open formation on the battlefield and behind stones, trees, hills, …

Light Infantry
8 to 14 muskets/carabiners

Firing in light formation with 2 men space.

Only allowed to move as line or light line.

Allowed to fire while retreating.

Allowed to crouch and fire in an open formation on the battlefield and behind stones, trees, hills, …

Cavalry – Hussars, Cuirassiers
8 – 16 Horses

If you have only 2 or lesser horses you must dismount after charge.

As dismount cavalry you have to move as line infantry.

Cavalry – Dragoons
5 – 12 Carabiners

Only firing from horseback as line and while hold-up.

As dismount cavalry you can fight like light infantry.

Line Infantry
8 – 30 Muskets

Only allowed to move and fire in line formation.

Crouching is allowed behind hills, walls and fences. Crouching behind hill has to be canceled when the enemy is nearby. Shooting only allowed while standing.

Double ranks and columns are a legal formation. The first rank has to fire while standing or crouching when the second rank fires at the same moment.

Find us on Steam:


CO - Organizator

PRO Event - Referee

-Oberstleutenant Babarossa
Headadmin of the the 1st Rhenish Infantry-Regiment No. 25 of Lützow
-General Shepherd
82nd Regiment of Foot "General Shepherd's Volunteers'

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