Pro Gaming League Season Z(Last)

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Hello my dear friends! We all know, that With Fire and Swords is dying. And i want to make best league with best teams and best guys here, and i need your help! Let's write our names in the small history of a big world!

News :
1. I heard, that our league would have more than 150$ in the prize pool! And you will be able to help me! Share your money with us, and get the top-3 of Sponsors of Pro Gaming league! 1$,2$ or 5$ or 100.000.000$. As you want and as you can. Top - 3 Sponsors will get any steam game they want below 15$. All the money will go to the prize pool and no money to me:smile:
2. New game system. 2 matches per Saturday and 2 matches per Sunday! Our match is nearly 30-50 minutes so it will take you only 1-2 hours. Mathes will go one by one with a litlle brake to think about strategy and go pi-pi. (10-15 mins)
3. Long streams! I'm looking for streamer, who will be able to spend nearly 2-3 hours in the evening. We will start talking before the match, we will get some interviews with each head of clan. Maybe some competitions. Then we will stream matches with you. And after the matches we will discuss what we saw during the match.

I will come in the middle of July and i will start preparing the league as soon as i can. Guys, don't forget about the top-sponsors and i'm loooking for streamer!
It is alpha-page. Beta page will be in the end of July and page of the league will be in the beggining of August or in the end of July.

P.S I working out our new exclusive web-site!

You can book your clan here just now!

1. Clan name/Tag
2. Clan banner
3. Leader's steam and teamspeak
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