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Context: So I constantly get really cool prisoners (Danish, Svear Elite, Bandit leaders etc) which I would love to have in my party.

What are the factors that impact them joining my party?
Is there somewhere in the game files where I can check that?
For e.g. I wonder if stuff like: having the same troop in party, me being Christian Vs being Pagan, troop size, No of Norse Vs no of Christian troops, charisma, being at sea Vs being on land etc matters.

I mean, sometime 1-2 join but feels random and would be helpful more exact data.
I try to do it from the camp menu, not via the "talk" interaction - I mean I try that too sometimes but rarely works.


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Hello Aciduzzo,

Please, check this link out, it can help how the system works.

You also remember that there is an initial time when you cannot recruit.
As for checking the game files, it depends on the game and its programming language. Some games store this information in plain text files that can be edited, while others store it in binary files that are not easily accessible. If you're interested in modding the game or want to gain a deeper understanding of how it works, you may want to look for forums or communities dedicated to modding the game you're playing. These resources may be able to provide more information on how to access and edit the game files.
Bots have gotten better recently, right?
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