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Yes, I used mods.


Summary: The maximum numbers of prisoners in my settlements change every five seconds. I've had it change from 19 to 25 and now it's 7 in Melion castle. This is all in the space of about 5 minutes. In another settlement, it's apparently -21. it has been this way both with and without using the Diplomacy mod



The display was done poorly and is very confusing. The first number is the number of prisoners there. The second number is the number of remaining prisoners you have room for. In the situation you are showing it means you have 81 there, but only room for 60. So you have room for -21 more. Eventually the overage of 21 will slowly 'escape'.

Which is also a problem because if you are trying to keep lords prisoner there or you are trying to keep some there for future recruiting, other lords will dump prisoners in your town and those you want will slowly 'escape'. I also find this interesting because you are unable to dump prisoners in other lord's dungeons if their prison is full, but they are able to dump them in yours. On the other hand, if you use it right, and are leading an army, after a battle you won you can take the army to your town and all the lords will dump their prisoners in your prison. Then you can immediately go, pull them out, and sell them to the ransom broker, getting you more money.

Generally the maximum prisoners in a castle or town ranges from 40 to 60. Its just a poor job by Taleworlds displaying that and its inconsistent with the way other numbers are given. This was reported months (years?) ago and nothing was changed. I also find it amusing when a prison with a maximum of 60 prisoners has over 400 there when you visited with an army after a big battle. I think about it realistically and think about the prison warden going up to the lord of the town and saying "Excuse me sir, we're going to have to use your throne room to house the excess prisoners for a while. Could you please ask all your courtesans and visitors to go home?".
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