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The Blews are a Regiment of Foote at aim to be a heavy role play regiment. Officers are adressed as "Sir" and NCOs by their rank. We strive to excel in our drill and skill, focusing on honing our men into true souldiers. The Officers of the Blews hold a pool of knowledge and skills whilst the NCOs walk down their own path of specialization to create a team able to train men in all forms of combat. Men are recruited from all across the community with a wide rage of different ability, all are welcome to the Blews so long are you keep to the rules. The Blews aim to become a well respected regiment and hope to join in the deluge community with a blast.

All men join the Blews as a Souldier. They must then complete an event in the pike block and musket block. They then get to chose if they want to become a Musketeer or a Pikeman. However there is a chance they could be drafted into an undermanned block so understand there is that chance when you join.


|Application Format|

In-Game Name:
Previous Regimental Experience:
Steam Name:

*You must be 14 or above to join the Blews.

Make sure  to add one of the officers on Steam!



Commissioned Officers:

Captain Cameron Van Logan

Non-Commissioned Officers:

Corporal Björn Muggesveld
Corporal Edmund Barrow

Enlisted Men:

Musketeer Jacob Hedges
Musketeer Jay Booker
Musketeer Jordan Horton
Musketeer Pattrick Harper
Musketeer Toby Bates
Musketeer William Poole

Pikeman Frank Muggesveld
Pikeman Gorge Nilson

Souldier Åke Persson
Souldier Anthone Kenninck
Souldier Anthony Eire
Souldier Berned  ßalzer
Souldier Chadley Cole
Souldier Edvard Ahlroth
Souldier Farquhar Wheeldom
Souldier Frank Muggesveld
Souldier Frederik Hendrik
Souldier Frederick McCarthy
Souldier James Woodson
Souldier Jay Dommett
Souldier John Smith
Souldier Karel de Roovere
Souldier Patrick McGinnues
Souldier Pattrick Harper
Souldier Ren Schell
Souldier Richard Robett
Souldier Rogan Raimbaud
Souldier Rufus Moore
Souldier Tom Ansley
Souldier William Farrell
Souldier William Poole
Souldier Wolfric Ohelm


Captain (Cpt)

Lieutenant (Lt)

Ensigne (Esn)
Serjeant (Sjt)

Corporal (Cpl)
Pikeman (Pkm)

Musketeer (Mkt)

Souldier (Sdr)


The Regiment was first raised in 1642 in the county of Somerset by Sir Thomas Lunsford, and was known as Sir Thomas Lunsford's Regiment of Foote. Sir Thomas was captured at the Battle of Edgehill and imprisoned until 1644.

His brother Colonel Henry Lunsford then took over command of the regiment until his death during the Siege of Bristol in July 1643.

Prince Rupert then assumed command as he had been impressed by the regiment's fighting abilities, and appointed John Russell as Lieutenant Colonel to the regiment. The regiment was part of the army taken north by Prince Rupert to Lancashire where it took part in the relief of Lathom House, the stormings of Bolton and Liverpool and then marched across the Pennines with Rupert to the relief of York. They then fought at the Battle of Marston Moor as part of the Forlorn Hope.

In May 1645 they assembled at Evesham as part of the King's Army and were involved in the storming of Leicester - this is where Rupert's men are referred to as Bluecoats in accounts of the fighting. Two weeks later the Bluecoats formed part of the reserve at the Battle of Naseby where the majority of the regiment were slain. The remnants eventually ended up as part of the garrison of Bristol and were disbanded by the King after Rupert surrendered the city.

Made up
When war broke our in the east of Europe Rupert could not help himself but to go and get himself involved. He went about England is disguise raising his regiment by summoning men to travel to Holland where the Royal Family had fled. The regiment reformed in Amsterdamn on Christmas day 1646 and traveled from there to Denmark where he was met in Copenhagen by Queen Christina of Sweden. There Rupert swore the Blews to the service of the Swedish Army with whom they fought with before returning to Holland upon summon of Charles II before he cross back into England in the restoration of the monarchy

August: Skirmish at Wells
September: Besieged at Sherborne Castle
September: Skirmish at Babylon Hill
September: Shipped from Minehead to Cardiff
23rd October: Battle of Edgehill - Part of Colonel Richard Fielding's Brigade (Front centre) Capture of Thomas Lunsford
12th November: Storm of Brentford
13th November: Standoff at Turnham Green
9th December: Garrison of Reading
February: Storm of Cirencester
March: Besieged in Malmesbury?
13th - 27th April: Besieged in Reading
June: Skirmish at Chinnor (det)
June: Battle of Chalgrove Field (det)
26th July: Storm of Bristol - Part of Belasye's Brigade. Death of Henry Lunsford.
Garrison of Bristol
August to September: Siege of Gloucester (det)
4th September: Skirmish at Stow on the Wold
September: First Battle of Newbury
March: Skirmish at Market Drayton
May: Storm of Stockport
May: Storm of Bolton
June: Siege of Liverpool
2nd July: Battle of Marston Moor
Garrison of Chester
January: Battle at Chrisleton
January to February: Besieged at Chester
31st May: Storm of Leicester
14th June: Battle of Naseby


Cpt. Van Logan (Bravescot)

If you would like to organise an event or talk to one of its members or officers then add the Steam link above. Also if you are a member of the regiment you are expected to have Bravescot on Steam.



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Well done the Blews, was good to see you on the field.

We'll look forward to seeing you at the next event.
Horton said:
Nice having you, and great fun ambushing your asses :grin:
We totally let that happen!

rapier17 said:
Well done the Blews, was good to see you on the field.

We'll look forward to seeing you at the next event.
Thanks! We enjoyed fighting alongside the Hounds and Dogs as well.

Roran 13 said:
This clan looks mighty fine! It almost seems like this one came right out of nowhere!
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