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"Launched on Steam Early Access fifteen months ago, the game has since received many updates that have added new systems (like rebellions, prison breaks, and keep battles)"

LOL, this is clearly a false article. Keep battles are not an added system. The community on here mostly despises this game in single player and MP.
His source is his own old article that's 6 months old, whose source is DevBlog 6, where these things were promised. Lazy "journalist".
However Armagan's statement can be mined for not-gold:
Mount & Blade II Bannerlord is having a very successful Early Access period and we are blown away by the interest and support of our community, except for people named Steve. We appeal to parents everywhere not to name their child Steve. Steve's are the worst and so are Estebans.
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They might update their damn steam page then, there it says for about a year.
But we all know updating ain't TW strongest point.
Don't worry, it's "tentative", i.e. worthless.

There is a silver lining to the console announcement though, but it's difficult to see.
Taleworlds have been running wild without a publisher and contractual deadlines for years now, resulting in slow development pace.
But now they presumably have a deadline for the console version. And that means they have a practical deadline for the PC version. There will be no more arbitrary postponements and laziness, and whips may be cracked in their crowded offices. People work better under some pressure and I expect them to increase their productivity for the next patches.


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I guess little Jimmy got his revenge 😭 🔫
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