Pride's Mod Revival Squad ["Romae Bellum" this week]

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PrideofNi said:
James Stewart said:
No, I'm a ****. :lol:

So many things are popping in my head. I seriously think I need help  :lol:

Don't worry, I'm pretty sure he said ****.
It's one of those words that is offensive enough to get censored, just like ****.
Funny though that the plural isn't censored.
I have a mod that we could play, it died a few days ago actually, its called conquest,311.0.html
Leave you for a few hours....

Moderators if I do not rise in by 2pm, please take over the organisation. Do not work I will be dying a slow death no doubt.
Definitely my favourite community so far, very helpfull, always ready to help you improve your game skills.
I noticed this time is impossible for North Americans to make, the 1stFKI has been hosting a full invasion on sundays for a month now and I extend my invitation to all NA players who want to play Full invasion. If you guys want to come here are the rules and links. Feel free to hop in at at 4pm EST

What: Using teamwork and communication, we will fight off hordes of enemy factions.

When: Sunday 4:00 pm or 5:00 Eastern Standard Time

Where: ConvictGamingV1 (Make sure you are not in ConvictGamingV105)

Why: No Sunday events=boring, so why not I host an event?

Admins: Chase and Gooner (Contact us if any problem arises)

-No stepping on beds.
-Do not trap people using barricades.
-Do not use barricades if you do not have any experience. First observe and learn.
-Do not come and play with your 1stFKI tags on. Just your regular name. Ex: TehGooner
-Do not destroy barricades unless they are placed incorrectly.
-Contact admins if you are encountering with trolls. We will ban them immediately.
-Cooperation and Communication!

See below for the recommended maps. The ones that aren't glitchy.

Empire, Kingdom, Norse, or Colonists.

Application for non-FKIs to participate in this event

Ingame name:
Do you promise to follow the rules listed above:

Download link:
Instructions: After you DLed, extract the file, then click the file "Full Invasion", after that right click Full Invasion and copy and paste into Program Filesx86>Steam>SteamApps>Common>Warband>Modules

-Gobblyns [Oct 21st] Completed
-Farmers [Oct 28th] Incompleted
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