PREVIOUS EVENT: Dněprŭ (May 18th)

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nurgle01099 said:
I put together some highlights from the event together in a video, I hope you like it.

How did you manage to record the event without lagging horribly?^^
I was recording aswell (with fraps), but after a few minutes it was 1-10fps and a nightmare to play^^
OK, some time has passed so I feel I can analyze the event more objectively. What do you guys think worked and what didn't? Several of you have already mentioned the map design as a plus. Anything else?

One thing that stands out from watching the video (and which Hærger told me about during the event itself) is how efficient the Brodsky archer corps was. I think Ubbe has been the first commander to concentrate his archers' firepower like that, and it was quite devastating, unlike in previous events where archers could almost be dismissed as flavour. Kudos to Ubbe for the innovation in military doctrine, but now the archers might be too powerful for events and we might need to limit their numbers next time. :razz:
So I just singlehandedly ruined archers for all future events? I suppose that counts as an achievement :cry:

Random things: The number difference in the siege may have been slightly too big, no-one reminded me of the leader chat function (yay for busting my voice!), I died way too much, though I suspect that's a personal problem, almost every round playing out basically in the same way was slightly dull.

Beyond that I really don't remember/didn't have time to pay too much attention to what was going on, I said the relevant bits in my previous post. Cavalry tactics were a bit... not what I had hoped for though, that I do remember.
KickingJoub said:
Cavalry tactics were a bit... not what I had hoped for though, that I do remember.

Ya I also think that the cav underplays it's potential considering how effective it was those days in the right hands. I think the problem is that we so seldom play mass cavarly as this mod is so infantry based. So quite few people know how to cav and only minority of those who can know how to be great in these numbers that we only see in events.
I did have cries from my leaders to actually ask Hró to turn archers off, because they were that devastating to us. Given that we had a few smaller hosts, we literally could not afford the manpower for our own archer corps, and when we did actually create one, it sapped the strength of the infantry to such an extent that we had no chance of winning the melee battles. It was innovative, but I would daresay they were actually the largest contributor to our defeat.
No, you didn't.  :lol:

Éadríc said:
Thanks for organising this lore-rich event, Hróða! The battle felt larger than in most events and I love me some hardcore siege.

Pity you had to spend so much time rebalancing because of the authentication issues and so many people not bothering to show up in the first place. (Seriously, Jómsvíkingar, for most of the evening you had less than half of the 50 players you signed up. What was up with that?)

Thanks also to the leaders of the hosts and to others who helped, like Æþelfriþ with his beautiful drawing.

RagnarGerman said:
I will punish the people who didn't attend.
RagnarGerman said:
2 and a half year ago.... damn. I still remember how we waited for an assault in the woods.

(Holy ****, we have brought 50 men to that event. ._. )
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