PREVIOUS EVENT: Dněprŭ (May 18th)

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Damn, I don't think I can make it after all. And I don't suppose it's possible to join in later. You can remove Gudimir from the pagan host and give the spot to some lucky Christian :razz: 
Alright, removed you from the roster.

However, you can totally join in later. You know how it is with events, some people will have to leave after a while so there's always room for latecomers.
Gwyrdh said:

Remember this face, for it is the face of the man who will vanquish the heretics in the name of God! Fight for Him and you shall be victorious! See the light, join we righteous ones!


In the name of God we shall be victorious upon this glorious day! Fear me, pagan swine, for I am Ivanŭ, son of Miromirŭ Dubogradĭskyi, and today we will slaughter you and overthrow your false gods! God wills it!
After tonight, the Brodĭskyians will never again tread on Dubogradĭskyian soil while carrying arms! For Xrist! For The Old One! For Miromirŭ, Ivanŭ & Dubogradŭ!

I, Vyshemirŭ Starichĭskyi, renew my pledge to serve Miromirŭ and Ivanŭ of Dubogradŭ and oust their enemies!

Woe to them! Uvy vamŭ!
Added you guys, including Rene, whose post I had missed.

(That should teach everybody a lesson: check the rosters to make sure you're there!)

In other news, applications for the Pŭlkŭ Brodĭskŭ, the Pagan public host, may be accepted again.
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