PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Maldon (November 16th)

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Smashing event up there with the best of them! Well done and thanks to everyone who took part especially to those of you whom made this possible! Great fun was had by all.
Rallix said:
ThegnAnsgar said:
Thank you Joub for hosting the event. Good fun. Public host was well lead by Offa (Rallix).
nacholoko16 said:
Nice lead by Offa, nice event! Thanks for all see yaa next time!
MarchHare said:
Great event. Offa was a great leader. Probably will sign up for the Shieldwall battle, whenever it is.
Thanks for attending, and thanks for the compli-!
*Gets javved in the face.*
You can thank me for that :razz:
The event was very awesome, lads. Can't wait for the next one. T'is a shame I had to leave it so early. But I had to go sort something - also had a talk with my members afterwards and they enjoyed it extensively. They're looking forward to being an independent host next time. Can't wait for it in-general.

Thank you to all leaders, admins and organizers. You're the best!

I was out celebrating a birthday of a family member so I only managed to capture 2-3 rounds of the last map and most of the raid round.

My recording HDD is still buggered, but its at least consistent now, albeit at hard limit of 20-25 FPS.

Hopefully someone else recorded the event in full.
Really nice footage, thank you.

Still, it would be nice to see some screenshots or video from the Engle side of things.
Thanks for the recording Matt! One thing that really shone through to me personally was how well Wernicke lead. Good show for a first timer :smile:

Nonsense, the honour belongs to my men and my men alone - without their surprising ability to learn quickly and stay organised I would be nothing more than a loud pseudo-Russian peasant.

Speaking of such, I understand why some people mistake me for some sort of Slav on TeamSpeak now... I hope my microphone and audibility weren't of such horrid quality during the actual event.

Thanks for the recording Matthew, and great work during the battle! You clearly had a good understanding of how to break up an enemy formation. Keep those boots kicking, warrior!
Good God it has... feels like it was just yesterday that I was spamming the Vikingr Facebook page with event posts. :grin:
YourStepDad said:
Indeed. Why hasn't anyone attempted to organize an event since then?
There was Val de Saire:,331094.0.html
Beyond that there simply hasn't been someone to organise an event. It's a surprisingly large amount of work.
And the matter that a lot of people who are interested nowadays can't access Vikingr due to buying Warband after a certain point in time.
I haven't seen activity on the server(s) either. Events are also not only a good way to get lots of people to play at once in the same time, but remind them to be active and to keep this glorious mod alive by playing actively on regular servers too. It's sad that there haven't been any events lately (for over six months). I think that's what the community needs. An event to keep them active (even on then, when the event is going on and hopefully later on in the future) and in return they will keep Vikingr alive before it's gonna be too late :cry: Or perhaps I haven't been checking Hildileikr - and others, for that matter (insert Yumsburger jokes here) - at the right time. I partly hope that's the case

E: Oh yeah and an update/new patch/even a tiniest hotfix (what necessarily wouldn't be practically needed, but by the reasons I mention from now on) would be a great way to keep peoples' attention on this mod too and possibly bring new, hopefully enthusiastic players in to the knowledge that this mod exists. But how big is the new update gonna be, the greater the result. I have some personal wishes for new armors (shortly I'm gonna say that I would wan't to see not literally NEW armors, but more 'versions' and textures, etc. of gambeson/padded armor/other light/heavy armors, for instance.

I've read some relatively new news, that Leifr Eiríksson (possibly with cooperation with Danks víkingr) has been working on an update, but chose not to release it. These are - of course - only my humble opinions and thoughts, but I would appreciate, if you, mod devs and other higher people would consider my words and do something to keep things in old-fashioned order
Good things always come to an end I suppose, these events were some of the best events ever hosted on Warband. Well organised, exceptional use of formations, great fun. I have over 300 screenshots of various Vikingr events from over the years so the memories live on.

Maybe we'll see a Vikingr for Bannerlord!
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