PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Maldon (November 16th)

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ThegnAnsgar said:
Thank you Joub for hosting the event. Good fun. Public host was well lead by Offa (Rallix).
nacholoko16 said:
Nice lead by Offa, nice event! Thanks for all see yaa next time!
MarchHare said:
Great event. Offa was a great leader. Probably will sign up for the Shieldwall battle, whenever it is.
Thanks for attending, and thanks for the compli-!
*Gets javved in the face.*
That was easily one of my favourite Vikingr events. Especially the first rounds, the narrow causeway made the fighting very intense. :smile:

Technical difficulties were in the minimum (suppose it wouldn't be a Vikingr event without at least one crash, anyhow) and the sides were well balanced.

If I were to change things I'd have had more causeway, slightly less battle. That's an incredibly minor complaint, though, as I had a great time for the entirety of the event. Thanks to all the organisers!
This event has been thoroughly entertaining. I am glad I could participate. Thanks a lot to everyone who made this the pleasing experience it has been!
Had a blasting good time tonight, so big thanks to anyone involved in the organisation and the fighting.
Getting robbed of my maille coat before the final round of battle did feel like robbery for a moment, but there you go. :grin:

Great stuff, and I can only repeat: Long live Vikingr!

Fantastic event, had a lot of fun. Very intense moments during the fight on the causeway and great flanking by the Northmenn-host during the battle on the second map.
Plus: Putting the Saxon houses to the torch in high-speed on the third map.  :smile:
By the way, if anyone recorded something or took screenshots of the event, please PM me so that I can share it on our Facebook page.
Although I could only participate 30 minutes it was great. Thanks to all who were there and killed each others! :grin:
But for most we should all thank those who organized this great battle and showed that Vikingr isnt dead and wont be too soon.
Cant wait for the next time to behead sum vikin' scum  :mrgreen:

Nur ein toter Wikinger ist ein guter Wikinger :twisted:
Thanks for the event! It was marvellous. Good attendance, great people, nice maps & rounds!

No screenshots but I have this:


My character in the battle: Ælfwine son of Ælfric son of Ealhhelm the Ealdorman. These rules pertain to him:

So the son of Ælfric boldened them forth,
winter-young warrior words spoke,
Ælfwine spoke then, valiantly said:
“Remember the speeches we spoke at mead,
when we our boast on the bench raised,
heroes in hall about hard fight:
now I may test who is keen.
I will make my nobility known to all,
that I was of great kin among Mercians;
my old-father Ealhhelm was called,
wise aldorman, world-happy.
Nor among the people shall thegns blame me
that I from this fyrd wish to flee,
seek home, now that my prince lies
hewn at the fight. That harm is most to me:
he was both my kin and my lord.”
Then he went forth, mindful of battle,
with spear-point pierced one,
a seaman among the folk, that he on fold lay,
destroyed with his weapon. His friends he exhorted,
friends and companions, that they go forth.
The Battle of Maldon 2014

On the eve of November 16th, 2014, a raiding force of vikings landed on Northey Island. Lead by Jósteinn Eiríksson, they demanded tribute from the town of Maldon, but Byrhtnóð ealdorman gathered a force of brave warriors to stand against the raiders. Standing on opposite sides of Southey Creek, both forces blocking off their side of the narrow crossing, it quickly become apparent neither side would make any fast progress.

However, always hungry for glory, Jósteinn tried to push his way over as the tide receded revealing enough of the crossing for a sizeable force to stand upon. This attempt was cut short as the brave Engle held their ground, repelling and pushing back the viking forces. Seeing the futility of trying to force his way across, Jósteinn decided to parlay with Byrhtnóð, arguing that the vikings would simply go raid elsewhere. Seeing the obvious threat to his homeland, Byrhtnóð valiantly allowed the vikings to cross.

A heated open battle ensued on the outskirts of Maldon. Byrhtnóð fell in this epic clash, though it is said he took two dozen vikings with him. Without his command, the rest of the English army soon fell as well, leaving the way to Maldon open. Weary from the battle, yet spurred on by the promise of gold, Jósteinn lead the raiders towards the town. Arriving there he however noticed that the surviving English forces had gathered those villagers willing to defend their homes and were ready to face the vikings in combat to save their town from ruin.

Enraged by the townsfolks boldness, though admiring their tenacity, Jósteinn ordered the town burned. Burn the houses did, flames rising 20 meters in the air, yet the defenders spirited away their valuables into a small barn. Seeing them focus on the barn, the raiders attacked, not too worried about the losses they had incurred burning the village. In the spirit of Byrhtnóð, the valiant defence proved too hard for the weakened viking forces to overcome, eventually forcing them to retreat from the town, swearing revenge. Amongst the many dead that day was Jósteinn Eiríksson, felled by the enraged villagers after being recognised as the viking leader.

Ps: Thanks very much to everyone who participated in the event, feel free to post any feedback, screenshots and videos you have on this thread! Special thanks to Þorfinnr Arnarins for leading the Vikingar side, Wernicke for acting as the public host leader under him, Æscwine Fyrninga for leading the Engle side and Rallix for guiding the english public host. Also thank you to Hrotha and Þorkell for helping with the hosting. And of course to Éadríc Fyrninga for making the battle map. Couldn't have done this without any of you.
The hero, that enters Odin's dwelling place

Does not bemoan his death.

Gladly shall I drink ale in the high seat

Among the Æsir.

The days of my life are over

I laugh as I die!

Excellent organization on behalf of Joub. Thanks to Jepe and the HærlingaBarn trinity for excellent teamplay, the leiðangrsfólk for being lads and not twats, and all the Englisc for providing good blood to spill. :wink:

May we enjoy this mod in all its glory forevermore! One-eye be praised! HUAH!
In the final moments of the final battle, as I was fighting the Vikingr leader, an arrow hit him in the head, and he fell - kinda like king Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings!
Feast of blood, thanks to all involved in this! Special gratitude to the organizers and to FenrisBarn wolves for having me fighting for them once more.
Thanks to everyone who played, but especially to Æscwine as Byrhtnoð, my liege and kinsman, and to Þorfinnr/Jepekula as the Viking captain Jósteinn; to Rallix (Offa) and Wernicke (Guðmundr), leaders of the public hosts; to Eadric, who made a great map for the battlefield near Maldon; and to Þorkell, for all his efforts behind the scenes.

But most of all, thanks to Joub. For a guy who often likes to say things aren't hard or that much effort, he sure put in a lot of work to make this event happen and to make sure it run so efficiently. :wink:

PS: Great drawing, Æþela! Pleasure fighting alongside you, as always.
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