Preventive Medicine perk is broken and nearly acts like a cheat heal.

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No, it didn't, lol. It had straight-up re-healing skills as well.
Yeah I know haha but it was tied to the "Surgeon" skill - as in, applying bandages/splints etc. after a battle to heal a portion of the health you lost in that battle, which at least makes sense. It's a good balance between realism and fun, without going into total magic-mode.

Not sure if you are joking, but this is an actual perk in Bannerlord.
Haha yep, I was being slightly facetious/satirical to make a point :razz:
To the argument that we should just take the other perk -- what's wrong with wanting the option to have a reasonable perk on other side, especially since many of us play this game especially for its replayability?

How much fun do you think it is to play the game avoiding mechanics like this? How immersive?

Why can't you just turn down the difficulty level? I don't get that part, like is it a pride thing?
Lol, couldn't have said better
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