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Hi again. Sorry, back for more advice, but I promised I've searched thoroughly for an answer to this in-game. I wanted to make the free traders not hate me again, they're at -70. I know for union and democracy you can go to goldin and pay their reps til they like you, but is there an equivalent for free traders?

I was able to speak with some trading ships, I'm not certain they were free traders, but I had the option to "make up for" what I had done and give them 1000. I did it twice, it did not seem to change my free trader status.

I want to fix it because my next mission drops me right into a free trader base and they just all start to attack me--I can't progress in the game. Thanks very much.
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Here some question i had about this game.

1: Is it open world? can you revisit most of the planet?
2: If i buy it from Gamersgate should i patch the game? and if yes where can i find those?
3: How's the space combat?


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1) I don't know if you can go back to planets completely at will, but as long as you are one planet you can go wherever you want and do whatever you want. Then aain you can fly around with a spaceship whenever, so I suspect you can go back as well.
2) Yes, you should. Look at the thread FFS or use Google, you lazy tit. GamersGate is selling the Russian version with a crack straight from some warez site - I wish I was joking - which allowed them to rip out the audio files. Best experience would require downloading the Russian audio files and unofficial patch by Wesp, the same guy who made Bloodlines so much better. You'll then have spoken Russian audio and decently translated English texts and a lot of other goodies. Which is way better than the shoddy translation and no spoken texts at all from the GG version.
3) Decent, arcady fun. Nothing spectacular.