Pre-Battle Army/Group management (1.9.x beta, no mods)

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Hello fellow development team.

I have a suggestion about the pre-battle group and army management part of the game.

In the 1.9.x beta this section is working... so... not too good. First. If I want to separate my army more than footman/bowyer/horsemen/horse archer (As like shielded footmen, line breakers, or exact type of footmans.) the system curently don't give me well-functioning alternatives. Always it create mixed groups if I use any selection criteria.(On the bottom of the group management window.) And the system randomly put my companions and family members in any living groups (not just in the first group) regardless of what equipment they have. What is they main weapon(s), they use horse, or not, ect. (See as like here:

My suggestions:

First. I think it's a good idea if we create a separate window for managing companions, in which we can set to which team we want to assign the companions participating in the battle as non-leaders.

Second. It would also be very good if it were possible to manage which formations we want to fill with which type of soldiers. Thus, we could group heavy infantry with crossbowmen, light or line-breaking infantry with light, fast-moving archers or skirmishers. And this would also make the abilities of the companions assigned to their leadership more usable. (I specifically mean that it is not treated in combined groups according to the type of weapon, but individually, separately, one by one.)
This would be very useful for "train troops" missions, for example. By placing the borroved units in a separate group, they could be trained much faster and more efficiently.

Than you for your attention.
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