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As you know, Model Viewer is in constant use by many mod projects and has become the backbone for modders.

Here I would like to convey the sometimes frustrating situation rather than just a piece of advice. Since the zoom-out of the Model Viewer is done by Mouse-Scroll, sometimes we have to go through the "Human-Entity" that we have added when we approach it, and this can be a bit annoying. Also, although it seems a little simpler to do with Mouse-Scroll, we need to be extremely close to examine the details of the character better.


In conclusion one way to solve this is to make some changes to Mod-Tools Model Wiever.

In addition, it can be moved up or down with Mouse-Scroll, but for those who are more curious about the details of the models, the "ZOOM-Bar" on the right and below can be added.

If so, it would be much better.


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