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Nero said:
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-  Pray for Lust
-  Pray for Lust
Led by NERO (Cole), this team is only a breath away from taking its place among the top teams in this tournament. With an impressive cavalry force in Cheesepizza, expect Pizza to come away with some score like 10-2 as closed map cavalry. Attempting to keep up with the cavalry will most likely be Nero (Cole),Wappaw Nero , Tangawizi, and Gorlock, all four extremely adept infantry who will be difficult to defeat once they start to get their cohesion going. Finally, perhaps this team's greatest ace in the sleeve lies in attaining both Lagstro and Kane for their archery squad- in terms of pure accuracy, likely the best archery pair in the tournament. Unfortunately, like Rob's team above, if either Cheesepizza or Lagstro perform less than their best, this team may watch victory slip away in the final rounds of a match.
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pretty much yeah


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Thunder's team is honestly one of if not the strongest team in the tournament, but the fact is their key players were mostly inactive until recently, hence the low rating.

ill post my rankings if you guys wanna seem them :smile:)


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Don't worry kids I'll be back from Montreal/Toronto on the 14th

Then our team can be ranked 1 yes


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Who crafted this masterpiece?


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hi these are my rankings of powerful teams:

[list type=decimal]
[*]Rob's Newbs: All around solid team. Good infantry held up by the European squad of Arni, Anchor, Horace and SaBo.  Their pings may become a problem but all 4 players have been playing very well. Their archers are also quite good with Jeffery9792 doing most of the work, whilst being supported by Wert. With the not-so fearsome Roberta roleplaying as a horseman. PolarBear has a load of work cut out for him as cavalry. Rob's commanding is pretty lackluster, but many of the players on this team have a good amount of experience in competitive to take up the slack. As long as their infantry can hold out despite their ping, this team will go a long way.  [/list]

  • The Chosen: Probably the most surprisingly good team in the tournament. With a roster full of amazing players and a strong showing vs Rob's team last week, this team is most definitely one the top. Matafiks and Berg make for a deadly combination while the cavalry of Cru and Ciiges literally carry the team through matches. Cru's amazing performance vs Rob's team is most likely why this team has done so well. Ciiges will slow the team down with his tier 4 cavalry play, but as long as Cru makes the plays this team is in it to win it. That being said, their infantry isn't something to laugh about except for Sigi. Vorn, Beansacks, Prototype and the good King Yaroglek will be slaughtering other players. This team's only weaknesses are their their captain's lack of experience in calling, and also having to play many lower tier players in order to field a full team.

  • Heroes of Calradia: Excellent team, excellent players. Steady commanding. Probably my number 1 contender to go to the finals. They have most likely the strongest infantry core in the tournament. Led by Oodle and Ordyn, it will be hard making a dent into them. Grey Warden, Darklight, PufftheDragon and Squeaks shouldn't be looked over either. All of them are capable of slaying and staying alive. Most importantly though, they all have competitive experience and know how to infantry. This is what makes them so deadly. SotaMursu is a fantastic archer; capable of staying alive, killing people who push him, and then shooting down the other team in one round. His archery is some of the best in the tournament. This added on with his experience as commanding aids Thunderbeu in making the most of their team. Thunderbeu, Aelia, and Ivanho are good cavalry with Aelia being surprisingly solid and able to hang out with the best. If this doesn't make it to the finals, I will be sorely disappointed.

  • Menace of Wenfire:  Moles team, led by an incapable creature who lacks eyesight, this is the teams main flaw and I could see it resulting in many more losses in the future besides the embarassing one he personally suffered at the hands of anime_snazzi_molekiller - written by thunderbeu

[list type=decimal]
[*]Pray 4 Lust: Led by Nero, this team definitely shows some promise. Lagstro and Kane, a crazy good archer duo, will be doing most of the work for them as they shoot down the other team. Along with that, they have a great infantry core carried by Nero, Cheesepizza, Gorlock and Octo. These infantry are all very good yet some definitely suffer from a lack of good competitive experience. However, Cheese is an excellent support infantry and Nero, Gorlock and Octo are all capable of cutting down anyone opposing them. Wappaw Nero and SwaP are a decent duo and will be doing work on cavalry. This teams major downfall would be Nero's lack of experience as a commander and him having to call while being a big player on infantry. Lag and Kane must land those shots consistently for this team to truly rise to the top. [/list]

  • Old tK: This team is essentially old tK except replace everyone with ****ters. Tito will do most all the work as infantry, and his trusty sidekick Dante will support him as much as possible. Albus and Daemon are also solid, but lack the experience they need to do well. Pepper and Glitterball will make shots, but I fear they will likely be inconsistent in their shooting. Red and Garde are again a solid cav duo, but with Garde's high ping and Red's lack of intelligence it will be difficult to consistently make couches/bumps. However, Tito is a veteran commander and will be doing everything in his power to will this team to victory.

  • Unlucky: Whether they're unlucky or just plain bad, this team has some work to do before making it to the top. With an embarrassing loss in a 7v6 match vs Heroes, All Luck certainly has a lot to work on in this team. The lack of infantry due to them being inactive are where this team will falter. Magerick is unable to come to much of anything and apparently Kelquethas uninstalled or something. The two strongest players on their team being absent is of course a huge blow to how Luck's team will do. Kira and Caedus are solid but unable to do enough to make this team win in the inf fight. Vitus and Volpel will most likely be the stronger duo but with both being very, very inactive I don't anticipate this teams infantry to be any better than PoN. Bubs and Firunien are solid cavalry but I think Bubs uninstalled too so no they're not actually. Chev can make shots but plays infantry with 2 shields and All Luck certainly lives up to his name when playing ranged. Overall, when players come this team is good, but they will lose if they don't.

[list type=decimal]
[*]All Hunters: Let's be honest, this team won't be going anywhere any time soon. A severe lack of solid infantry is their undoing. Rake, an already terrible infantry, will be trying to do most of the killing while their newer players will be trying their hardest to stay alive. Manry and Dodge haven't come to anything, and Forsaken is stuck between cav and infantry. Their only good cavalry player is the extremely strong player Insane, but with their infantry falling so fast, it will be hard to consistently do well. This team's only saving grace are by Deathangel and Bard, who attempt to make as many headshots as possible before the rest of the team inevitably dies. All this combined with Forsaken's lack of competitive experience/commanding is a recipe for disaster.[/list]

  • Ascended: They really should be a good team. But they're a little bit terrible at the moment. Their lack of infantry is the main reason why they have been performing so poorly. Arys will kinda do stuff, but Earacorn, Conure and Nigerian lack both the brains and skill to do anything meaningful besides throwing a jav or two. Prime and SifoN will do a lot of work on infantry, but Prime's calling will inevitably get in the way of his skill. Can will be their major player on cavalry as long as Mar doesn't stop him, or even plays for that matter. Blacktide would also be a key player for their team if he wasn't inactive, but unfortunately he is. Jarvis and Matthew are a very strong archer duo and I expect them to be doing a lot of work for this team. When the infantry learn to hold a shield up to the other team, these guys can definitely go places.

ill do the rest later this boring af


Guaccmoleboy said:
Tito will do most all the work as infantry, and his trusty sidekick Dante will support him as much as possible. Albus and Daemon are also solid, but lack the experience they need to do well.


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Fairly Decent youdidntincludemyteameventhoughwebeatyouinanofficial


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I have reinstalled after seeking council, but forever live in disgrace and dishonor for the other days happenings. :,][ #Heroesswag
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