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Sjaeles said:
Ebdanian Admiral said:
Maybe we should tone the rhetoric down, lest yet another thread be locked? :smile:

so **** off

You are not following my advice .Pls its for the good of the community. Think of the children I beg you.

In all seriousness If you dont like the list please follow these other fine gentlemen's example and explain why, rather than resorting to insulting the listmaker that had good intention.

Regarding the kel remarks. When Marquis was looking over the teams with me, he tended to mention players based upon the impact he predicted they would have at the class they were playing, rather than the raw skill of the player. When you look at the infantry that were mentioned along with Kel (Aporta, Tito, PPK, Oodle, and vorn) Many of them will be playing classes other than inf. Aporta will almost certainly be playing more cav than inf, seeing how he has asked me to play him at cav. It is also noteworthy that my team only has one other consistently active cav in stone. Tito will possibly be in a similar situation as Aporta. His second cavalry player atm is magafox tinadel. (Not exactly ideal) If Oodles team is anything like OE he will want to play himself at archer as much as infantry. While Vorn is certainly a very good infantry, unlike Kel he is surrounded by infantry of an very high caliber (cru and beansacks) and will likely have less of a noticeable impact than Kel. I fail to see how PPK factors into this discussion when he has yet to even sign up for the tournament. When all of these factors were considered Marquis decided that Kel would have the most impact of any infantry in this tournament.


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Here's a list.

1. Every team is bad
2. Every player is bad
3. Every scrim is bad
4. Every match is bad
5. Every poster (that's you and I, not that silly anime/gaming poster you have up) is bad
6. Every list is bad
7. Especially this one is bad

On topic and without sarcasm, Marquis' list isn't bad.


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-  Pray for Lust
-  Pray for Lust
Led by NERO (Cole), this team is only a breath away from taking its place among the top teams in this tournament. With an impressive cavalry force in Cheesepizza, expect Pizza to come away with some score like 10-2 as closed map cavalry. Attempting to keep up with the cavalry will most likely be Nero (Cole),Wappaw Nero , Tangawizi, and Gorlock, all four extremely adept infantry who will be difficult to defeat once they start to get their cohesion going. Finally, perhaps this team's greatest ace in the sleeve lies in attaining both Lagstro and Kane for their archery squad- in terms of pure accuracy, likely the best archery pair in the tournament. Unfortunately, like Rob's team above, if either Cheesepizza or Lagstro perform less than their best, this team may watch victory slip away in the final rounds of a match.
Fixed :grin:
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