Potential solution for black screen crashes

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Hello Bannerlords. Just wanted to share something that may potentially help players that experience crashes.

TLDR; settings / video / frame limiter: decrease to something tangible. I set it to 45. Default is 200. And also use Fullscreen monitor setting.

Longer version: I've not been able to play Bannerlord for months. I use mods. I thought it was mod related. Then I spent some time meticulously creating fresh games and enabling mods one by one. I managed to not have the harmony crashes, which seemed to be mod related. But I still had a weird crash where my GPU started screaming and the screen went dark, with sound still playing. Not a matter of lost focus / fullscreen confusion. It's an actual GPU crash, but sound still available.

This completely went away after limiting frames and forcing fullscreen. I guess the former was the actual solution. Hope it can help.
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