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Dimos, Earl of Stirling & Falkirk

Well here is my story. I became vassal of King and Lord of the Scots Malcolm III and I was given the humble village of Pennan with the duties to defend my King & country, respect the higher feudal ranks and customs... I tried to do quests for the Lord of the neigbouring castle as as to be accepted and allowed to enter his great hall. After many quests for my villages and Lord Alexander the fierce, the English invaded our Lands and besieged the precious caste of stirling. They took it within 3 days! All Scotish were ashamed of the defenders' fate. I saw that hey left too few men in its garisson (16 english troops were there) and left for their homeland to the south. I was leading 48 Scots. So I besieged that and within 1 day the castle was mine! Meanwhile King Malcolm asked me to go to Edinburgh and wait there to follow him in his upcoming campaign. I believed that he was about to anounce me that Stirling would be mine. I was there with 42 Scotsmen. He refused! I desided to go on as a rebel Lord. The King's army took over the castle again, but some eager recruits from the nearby villages accepted that it was unfair and desided to join my forces... After 3 sieges (1rst with 10 troops, 2nd with 15, 3rd with 13) I managed to reget it. Theenglish came again. Took the castle and Prince Rufus himself was fortified in. He had 48 with him and 32 were inside as well. Before that sucessful siege I was continiously fortifying my castle for future attacks. It had 46 people in before lost to the English. After 2 days, Prince Rufus desided to check his father's estetes and interests in the South so he left for Oxford and his beloved England. King William was patrolling around the Castle for another 2-3 days... The castle garisson was 32 men. I went to the North, in my beloved Pennan village and asked for eager rebels. 16 Highlanders were there to hear my call to arms! Combined with the 6 recruits I pulled from the Falkirk village and some other recruits I pulled from other villages I was marching close to the enemy with preide (had 29 men with me) ... And then the heavens had mercy upon me... King William saw a Scotish caravan coming his way and left to steal food and supplies. I was left near Stirling Castle with my fellow Scots and after one sucessful siege the castle was mine once more. I the ''Earl of Stirling & Falkirk and the protector of the crown stone of Stirling'' .


After a long week of daily struggle for life and fortification, the Scotish King & Counselors desided to request me a peach deal, which I accepted... Then I had to seek for grain for the people of Pennan as requested by the elderman there. I went deeply in english territory, imprisoned and broke prison twice but stolen by English Lords 1 sack of grain and failed the quest...

I am at war with the Kingdom of Wales, Ireland & England... I have rebuild a good relation with the king of Scotland and have no relation with the Man Isle Lords or King...

Well that's my little story after 86 -as I recall- days in ''Britannia 1080 by Dimos''  :razz:


Earl Cameron of York and Lancaster

i was a poor child, son of a guard at the court of Ullapool, i made my life as a blacksmith until a lord of the isle of man was staying at court. his men killed the guards including my father and tried to kill the earl of ullapool but the kings soldiers stopped them. after that i set out on my own hiring mercs and highlanders. we raider food caravans raveling to the cities  of the isle of man and when on the off chance a lord strayed from his castle and land we would take them by suprise. i took part in many a tournament and after one in Edinburgh, King Malcolm sent a messanger to fetch me. he then offered me lordship and the village of Glen finnan if i swore my sword and life to him and i accepted. after months of campaigning in the north and west against the isle of man i received word that the king wished to see me. he asked me to accompany him south where we proceded in besieging Lancaster castle. 13 days into our siege  King Malcolm saw an English lord approach from our rear and set out to deal with him leaving me and my band of 56 to take the castle. after another 4 days we assaulted the walls and after a 3 hour battle we held the court yard. we waited another hour to let our men regain their strength before we assaulted the keep. and in an hour my men held the castle. and for my courage and bravery of being the first over the walls i was awarded the castle. 2 years later i was summoned to go even further south and besiege york. i set out with 70 men and joined forces with another 3 lords and after a month we assaulted the town and took it from the English. and yet again i was awarded the town. now i raid the castles and villages of north England until i hear from my king to do otherwise.


                                          Earl of Rodel

I was born in the middle of a forsaken forest i was brought into a world of war and neglect.the surrondings where stained in blood often because of constant attacks my life was tough as i was young but as i grew i got stronger and my father tought me valuble leassons which i strongly use today. I was split up from my mother and father when a group of english legion attacked are camp A few years later i was a fully grown adult and i was ready for the big open world i was on my own with a few other people that survived the onslaught. I decided to set up a force that could strike back the english for good. so i gatherd the group and annoused the group was called The English Rebels and we went on for there and recruited new people from nearby villages that were able to give arms for the fight... A few more years later i have managed to gather a large army over 150 soilders so i set off to attack the Island of man Town called Rodel and we sucessfully captured the location which gave us a base of operations where we can recruit and live for the time being....After we was settled in we decided we had enough troops and decided to set off the campagne to england and attack the England parties.. It took us over 2 months to get to the location because of the ruggid landscape that layed out infront of us.After 2 months of hard marching we come across a large group of english soilders which we faced head on in fury of the history past....Are first battle was a sucess and from the morale we gatherd we recruited more people and marched on down to london where we layed siege to london for the rights of are people to survive and live ... This was my history and i live still today.



Reserved here to i leaveing mr captain jack lol for while i wanna capture somewhere else which i belive im willing to do :p..
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