Post items you would like in AOC II (screenshots of items in progress)

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I would like to see some Stechhelm or Frog-Mouthed Helms in the "game". I totally agree with these are tournament items but its good to see such beauty in the game.


You guys have great modelers, all of your weapons and armors have great details. I hope I can add some weapons into your mod with these pictures. They are Vietnamese sword, some of them might look like saber and katana thanks to the weapon trading with Japan and western countries in the old time but they do have unique feature if you look closely. So, here:
Two-handed swords used by nobles: these swords are decorated with lotus, maybe because of Buddhism root.

Two-handed sword that is used by cavalry: some ancient pictures feature dual This sword also has lotus symbol on it.

One of the last kings of Vietnam used this sword: the animal on the sword hilt is a dragon.

Dual wield do happenned a lot in south-east asian countries. Especially in Siam. I'm not sure if it's historical accurate or not, but the movies, fighting choreography, and even many martial arts school that claim to be historical still largely featuring dual sword style. And when someone make or sell Siam's sword, they came in pair.  :grin:

If you're going to add vietnamnese swords, might I suggest vietnam kiem sword aswell ?

They look almost like Chinese Jian, but the blade is narrower, or a lot narrower, and the blade are oftenly imported from western countries.





Not sure if this has been posted but I would love to have cloaks! I just think they look so awesome. I think it would be best to have them as a peice of headgear to be able to put onto with any armor.


Zimke I Think Can You make this armor set??
Because this set also used for sarranid or desert faction
And If You can Make a Sarranid Warrior Helmet like in my profile picture
maybe is good


Sergeant at Arms
I would like to see plate mittens that fit with the black armor and that covers the end of the arm, not only the hand, like those: (full invasion 2) that fit with any plate armor of your mod, like the black armor (I saw the armor and I saw that only the hands are covered), because they are more historical and beautiful. So pleaaase, do them! hear my cries, I cannot leave with a good mod that does't have proper gauntlets, because that is the part of the armor you see the most with 1st person.

Google "16th century full armor" and you'll see that all gauntlets extend to the arms.
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