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The 84th Royal Highland Emigrants is a regiment in Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars. Originally founded by TheJollyCanadian and Glenn on 6/06/20.
Although the 84th is a primarily North American based regiment, we also are happy to have players from around the globe. If you are interested in joining, read on!

If you're interested in joining the 84th contact an officer on steam for more information!
The 84th will attend a handfull of linebattles a week, These events include artilery, calvary, and line to conduct large scale battles. This is a fantastic way to get more from this game, and also be part of a fun and friendly gaming community.​

The 84th was raised in present day Ontario to defend against American Revolutionaries. The 84th Regiment had one of the oldest and most experienced officer corps of any regiment in North America many veterans from the Seven Years War. They were a key element of the British Army in the American Revolution. Starting in 1776, they fought in the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge, The defence of Fort St. John, the battle of Quebec, and the defence of Nova scotia from land and sea attacks.​

Event Schedule

Monday 8 PM EST - Napoleonic Wars Linebattle
Wednesday 8 PM EST - Napoleonic Wars Linebattle
Thursday 8 PM EST - Napoleonic Wars Naval Event
Saturday 9 PM EST - Napoleonic Wars Linebattle BBG/NRP Campaign
Sunday 8 PM EST - Napoleonic Wars Siege

Our steam GroupChat​



I'm looking for an active regiment. I don't even know if the community is active anymore. I played the game from 2012 till 2016. (Nice years) and was in German regiments. From Infantry to artillery. I was a normal foot soldier later a Officer.
Now I'm looking for a Regiment (everything is ok if u are a active one). I have free time so I can play. Idk what to say more :razz:
I speak English and German.



Le 1er Régiment D'Artillerie à Pied de la Garde commandé par le Colonel Louis Doguereau

Et le Capitaine Antoine Drouot

Devise du régiment: Royal d'abord, Premier toujours.
The 1er Regiment d'Artillerie à Pied de la Garde Impériale is the seniormost artillery regiment of France as it was first raised in 1671 and it is still an active regiment nowadays. This proud veteran regiment as served in most of the wars and battles that France led since it's creation as the Régiment Royal-Artillerie and later on as a part of the Imperial Guard. Napoleon Bonaparte was commissioned into this regiment as a sous lieutenant.
In Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars, the 1er Régiment D'Artillerie à Pied de la Garde Impériale was first created in 2012 by the Adjudant Dekerre, as the artillery company of the 35e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne, but after the 35e dissolution, the artillery company entirely moved on from regiments to regiments that were always falling but the artillery company was still the same over the years. The Adjudant and his second left the regiment just before the creation of the Brigade Impériale with the 4e Grenadiers and the 1er Régiment de Lanciers which made the company becoming a regiment in 2014

The rules are simple, we mainly want fun while being the best gunners (even though skill is not important to be part of the regiment) and so seriousness is also required during needed times
- No troll or anything that can downgrade the regiment's reputation
- Discipline when needed
- Being mature whatever your age is

This is the event we are hosting an event since 2015 https://www.fsegames.eu/forum/index.php?topic=24273.0

To sum up we are here since 2012, currently serving in the Ier Corps d'Armée Colonial which we have created, it is an international army corp which is currently looking for new regiments or recruits to form them.

The 32nd Regiment of Foot is one of the longest standing regiments in the NW community.
Created back in 2011 as regiment part of the Mount and Musket mod, we have carried the legacy and history of a bygone age.
Known for our discipline, respect and organization we strive to stand out amongst the many.

We do our official 32nd EVENTS every FRIDAY 18:30 GMT, SATURDAY 19:00 GMT and SUNDAY 18:00 GMT

Join us and take part in one of our four distinct companies. Play as either a line infantryman, skirmisher, artillerist or as the latest addition, cavalry.

Rise through the enlisted ranks by proofing yourself in battle and in training with your understanding of the unique 32nd drills, commitment to the regiment and disciplined mindset. Maybe you're even fit to become an NCO and drill 32nd soldiers into their finest forms.

If you are interested, enlist here: or add https://steamcommunity.com/id/_skinrender_ on Steam

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