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Quis separabit?
"Who shall seperate us?"


The London Irish Rifles are a band of individuals that has remained together for over five years. We are a skirmisher regiment and are rifles, or occasionally light infantry; we also periodically field line infantry, artillery, and cavalry detachments during linebattles. Each member can distinguish himself individually, with period British military awards, decorations, and ranks; marksman contests during training and even written despatches for distinguishable acts during linebattles. For all our information (ranks, structure, schedule, muster roll, et cetera), check out our Steam Group discussions, which is pinned at the bottom of the post. You can also find us on our FSE thread, also pinned below, where we were originally raised.

Event Schedule

Tuesday 8 PM EST - Optional North and South Linebattle
Wednesday 8 PM EST - Napoleonic Wars Linebattle
Friday 8 PM EST - Napoleonic Wars Linebattle
Saturday 8 PM EST - Napoleonic Wars Linebattle
Sunday 8 PM EST - Optional North and South Siege

Enlisting & Contacting Us

To join us simply add Sergeant-Major NickyJ on steam

Our thread on FSE
Our thread on Taleworlds

"You need not be Irish in order to join. You become Irish by adoption."
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The 84th Royal Highland Emigrants is a regiment in Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars. Originally founded by TheJollyCanadian and Glenn on 6/06/20.
Although the 84th is a primarily North American based regiment, we also are happy to have players from around the globe. If you are interested in joining, read on!

If you're interested in joining the 84th contact an officer on steam for more information!
The 84th will attend a handfull of linebattles a week, These events include artilery, calvary, and line to conduct large scale battles. This is a fantastic way to get more from this game, and also be part of a fun and friendly gaming community.​

The 84th was raised in present day Ontario to defend against American Revolutionaries. The 84th Regiment had one of the oldest and most experienced officer corps of any regiment in North America many veterans from the Seven Years War. They were a key element of the British Army in the American Revolution. Starting in 1776, they fought in the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge, The defence of Fort St. John, the battle of Quebec, and the defence of Nova scotia from land and sea attacks.​

Event Schedule

Monday 8 PM EST - Napoleonic Wars Linebattle
Wednesday 8 PM EST - Napoleonic Wars Linebattle
Thursday 8 PM EST - Napoleonic Wars Naval Event
Saturday 9 PM EST - Napoleonic Wars Linebattle BBG/NRP Campaign
Sunday 8 PM EST - Napoleonic Wars Siege

Our steam GroupChat​