SP - General Post-Battle screen change and slight roleplay enchancement

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Two suggestions that occured to me recently that (as far as I can tell) seem easy to implement, are as follows:

1) As a quality of life improvement, I think it would be better to switch the order of the post-battle loot screens. As in, first have the item loot, and then the prisoner screen. The reason for this, is that with two perks that give extra experience points to your troops if you abandon loot, it's a bit redundant to have to go through the prisoner screen (which incidentally doubles really well for upgrading troops) and then have to go back into your party view after the looting is done to look at your troops a second time in case some of them got level ups. As things are, if you have those perks you're liable to do two rounds of checking troops for upgradables after every battle. With the order flipped, and the exp boost applied between the loot and prisoner screens, the player would only need to look at the party screen once post battle. It would be a neat quality of life change.

2) On the opposite end, I would welcome a little (optional) extra hassle when it comes to solving issues. I understand why quests were changed in Bannerlord, to where most quests do not require you to revisit the person who tasked you with completing them, since it is a bit of a drag to have to go back from a gameply point of view. I wouldn't suggest universally changing this, as it's better for probably most players this way. However, if there is not a lot of work to it from the programming side, I would recommend having an optional setting at game start, that depending on whether the player opts into it or not, which adds a final stage to the issues/quests that currently end in the middle. Ones like Inn and Out, where you win back a plot of land, but never deliver the deed to its previous owner, help with brigands where the notable just beams a couple thousand gold pieces into your pocket from a couple miles away when you finished killing the last bandit, etc. Basically, I'm suggesting the quest would at the current end-point check if that game setting is ticked, and if not, it would act like it currently does and end the quest with full rewards, but if the roleplay option is enabled, then the player needs to go back and report their success.
Naturally not every quest needs this treatment, deliver herd and stuff like that makes perfect sense as is, I'm just mainly looking for an optional way out of the 'You just killed the fourth party of looters! Here's 3000 denars that you got through the postal service that doesn't exist'.
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