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We all know how strong the Mount&Blade community is. Why not let the community modders make some scenes for the vanilla games (sieges and battle maps). This would relieve a huge amount of work from the developer and I am sure that the community would be glad to make scenes that could make it into the original game. Just a thought, the game would feel much better if every castle siege had its unique scene.
Great idear ^^ TW could make some event where they choose 5-10 scenes to get implented that is player made and that the community rate so top 5-10 (depending on the entry of modders) gets chosen :grin: involving the community is good
It is their job to create a good selection of scenes for players to play on. At least one for each city and village, and one for each region. This is what I expect of them. I don't expect them to get bailed out of their promises by the community.
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