Possibility to import / use your character in custom battles

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Hello all!

Idk if this was said before, but I would like to suggest the option for the player to use his main character from the campaign in custom battles mode...

Thanks for making this game, devs and TW. ♥

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GG Cannon

I like this...
There could also be the option to import your whole party from a campaign save, which means your exact troops, companions and your character.
Just a button called "import from save" and done.
You then have a party window to select which troops from that save you are going to "recruit", including your character, which if recruited, becomes you.


Yes! I hope to see something like this one day. Thanks for feeding back this thread! To bring back your companions from campaign in custom battles would be like your best warriors against small or even big groups of enemies in battles at anytime the player want to do this, the way you want to fight and play. The better customization options the better for every player I think! :grin:
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