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GG Cannon

As a Total War player, there are some aspects of the siege devices, like onagers and balistas, which I kind of miss during normal map battles, the greatest being to be able to carry some siege devices into normal map battles.

I find it very weird that every single siege weapon we spend DAYS building would just be abandoned, yet it is also understandable that they would because of slowing down the party due to its weight.
Yet, there is one way siege weapons and even barricades could be implemented by creating a few new mechanics, them being:
  1. One new perk for the Tactics perk tree, with the removal of an existing perk and some alterations to open space.

  2. The implementation of "Carriages" to the game so that you could realistically bring smaller siege devices and barricades around.

In the Tactics skill perk tree, three alterations would need to be made for portable siege to be implemented.
  1. Removing "Tactical Superiority" from the game, possibly increasing the effect of both "Phalanx" and "Hammer & Anvil" perks at skill level 150.

  2. Moving the "Logistics" perk from skill level 100 to level 50, which also would be slightly more fair and sensible due to its effect.

  3. Creating the perk "Portable Siege" at skill level 100, so you'd already have "One Step Ahead" at 75, that would allow for the player to bring siege devices with him as troops that do not add up to the maximum troops count, possibly in a new section of the Party screen besides "Troops" and "Prisoners that would only become visible after getting the perk, and deploy them before the battle even starts when deploying his troops.
How it works
There would be three ways you would be allowed to acquire the Siege devices and in both cases, they would consume a carriage and 2 horses you own, starting with pack horses, and transform it into a "Carriage transporting siege device" that would not be allowed to be sold until you dismissed or lost the siege device by it breaking, which then would re-convert it back to the carriage and horses it was before.
The siege devices would appear as companions do, with life bars of their own that fill with time, but they would consume hardwood for every 10% filled of their life bar.

Hardwood would also become more important in the game by also being required and consumed in large quantities while building siege camps and in order to build the battering rams, siege towers and siege weapons.
A new siege device would also be added to the game, deployable to the frontline of a siege, together with the siege weapons and also possibly being destroyed while the siege happens, called "Deployable Archery Tower" which basically is a fixed wood tower that can be assembled and disassembled for archers to be on top of but can be destroyed and archers inside when it is destroyed would take a high fall damage, quite possibly lethal.

The three ways you'd be able to get Siege Device troops are:
  1. After a siege, doesn't matter if offense or defense, you'd be prompted "Do you wish to bring some of the siege devices with you or disassemble them for the wood?"
    If you choose to bring them, a recruit window, similar to "Recruiting Troops" in settlements, would appear with the siege weapons, deployable archery tower and barricades, for you to choose which you wish to bring, their cost would be in hardwood relative to how damaged they are and it would also display the number of free carriages you currently possess.
    Those you don't recruit would be disassembled for hardwood.

  2. After a battle is done, enemy siege devices would appear in the prisoner capture / troops rescue window for you to recruit inside the new "Siege" section above "Troops". Your free carriages count would also appear in this window, as if when you had 0, you'd not be allowed to bring them anymore.
    After proceeding to the "Loot" window, siege devices that you didn't pick would become hardwood in the loot window.

  3. By talking to a shop worker inside of a Carpenter workshop in any settlement and purchasing them in one of these options:
    • Paying a huge amount of money to purchase the desired siege device together with a carriage and two horses.
      Price varying with hardwood, carriage and horse prices on the market.

    • Paying a smaller amount of money, together with the needed hardwood, to purchase the device with carriage and the horses.
      Price varying with carriage and horse prices on the market.

    • Paying a smaller still amount of money to purchase only the siege device.
      Price varying with hardwood prices on the market.

    • Paying the lowest amount of money together with the needed amount of hardwood to purchase only the siege device.
Siege Devices available to be carried around:
  • Onager
  • Fire Onager
  • Balista
  • Fire Balista
  • Barricade(x3)
  • Deployable Archery Tower
By possessing a Siege Device in your party or in your army, when starting a Siege, they would already count towards the number of siege devices within your reserve, so you'd not have to wait days to build an Onager but could deploy all four instantly as soon as the siege camp finishes being built.
By having a "Barricade" with you, that would also shorten the time it takes to build the siege camp for each barricade you have up until 5 or so barricades(x3).

As you would have the "One Step Ahead" perk in order to be allowed to bring the siege devices with you, you'd already be allowed to deploy everything before the battle starts.
The AI would also have access to these and start having higher tactics value at least on hero parties, pre-deploying their armies and employing siege devices to their armies which would also add a new degree of challenge to the game.

deGoucan Scrolls Index
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Arch Light

+1, feel like siege weapons could work, like ballista's and catapaults. Though I don't see trebuchets being used.

GG Cannon

+1, feel like siege weapons could work, like ballista's and catapaults. Though I don't see trebuchets being used.

If you check the list of Siege Devices available to be carried around close to the end of the post, you'll see that Trebuchets were never there ^^
They are too big to be carried in a carriage and its composing parts are equally too big to be easily assembled and disassembled while an enemy army is coming to attack you.
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Field artillery as a concept goes back to at least the Romans (Scorpio!) and is really important for some modded settings (Sengoku and Napoleonic)
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