Pop-up Prisoner Screen; Suggestion about prisoners.

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You won a 1500-1500 battle, after this battle, game gives you 4 enemy lords/ladys to capture. Enemy lords are loading, map icons and city names popping to screen (which shouldn't happen, causes the game to freeze and rises memory usage), game freezes, memory usage goes up to maximum when this lords are coming to screen and as a result, game crashes only 30 or 40 mins after you opened it, not even an hour. (this crashes are not lie, I saw tens of people complaining about this on both forums and under steam patch notes and it happened to me almost 50 times just in a month)

I have a suggestion about fixing that. Make a pop-up prisoner screen, in this screen there will be all enemy lords that can be captured by player. There will be no characters on screen or any textures to be loaded.


Also this screen should have an option to prison all/release all


Monchug: Take Prisoner / Release

Yana: Take Prisoner / Release

Mesui: Take Prisoner / Release

Hurunag: Take Prisoner / Release

Result: No unnecessary character textures, map icons, city names and all the other trash didn't loaded, we took our prisoners almost instantly and stupid memory crashes didn't occured or at least those crashes are delayed a little bit more.

Note: There can be an extra button in this screen to 'quick execute' lords, without execution animations, just with execution weapons voice. Also, this pop-up screen thing should be optional for the players that likes to play with current prisoner system more or doesn't have any problems with memory.

Soo, what do you guys think? Is it a trash suggestion or worth to try?
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