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I already finished my first PoP playthrough with 1/4 damage to self and 1/2 to troops with campaign and combat AI set to easiest, as I was very intimidated at first by the mod
My character was full int/cha, kind of a leader not so much combat oriented character (14 wound treatment, 14 surgery, 10 leadership/persuasion)
It took me about 650 days, as I steamrolled the last 2-3 factions in around 30 days with my 1300+ renown lords while being the marshal

But now I started a second playthrough and im going for a full str/agi archer character and difficulties set to normal (campaign and combat AI set to normal)

But I am currently around day 100 and im getting steamrolled, I miss 14 surgery and my int companion (Ansen) is heavily underlevel (around 6 in medic skills)

So how do I powerplay effectively and efficiently?

I was thinking of full archer units for an easy time sieging

How do you powerplay??


Another guide:

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