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The game does not tell you that important things are happening enough.

You have to sort of reverse engineer/reverse google search/deduct what has just happened in the log based on the voting system or on who has captured who as the game doesnt make dramatic changes known to you directly and informatively.

Factions will wage war on eachother and the game will just barely mention this as a blip in the rapidly updating log.

It doesnt even bother to mention when a town or castle is seiged or taken. You really just have no idea what the hell is going on without having to faff around and perform a crazy mind-map on everything from a million different menus only telling you snippets of information when it should be telling more.

On multiple occurrences I have been awarded a castle without it even being known to me. I have had to find out from noticing my income has increased, or that my banner is for some reason over a castle I have never heard of. I understand that you can find owned fiefs through clan menu and kingdom menu etc but the game should really inform you directly and loudly that you have been awarded a fief.

The game should inform me with more clarity when towns are seiged, when allied armies are beaten, when towns are taken, when factions wage war, WHERE THE BLOODY HELL LORDS ARE and when I am awarded a fief (that I was never even at the seige to capture).

At the moment there feels like a bit of a disconnect with the world around you, where somehow Warband with its gigantic multicoloured log, annoying pop up menus and much clearer open map made changing events in the world much more apparent to the player.
There is something of a log when you look in the Encyclopedia. But I do understand it is not like the Warband log. I would not mind the game pausing and generating a pop up alerting me to a city of mine being placed under siege. And I do not mean those small one-line pop ups that disappear before I can read them. A larger pop-up where I have to click something on it to acknowledge the message.
I agree, but it would also be nice to have an immersive experience option as well where all of these popups are disabled unless you receive word from a villager, messenger, or physically see your city being besieged. Definitely feel like the features you mentioned however, are all more important than some lord in my kingdom formed an army, or my wife just had another kid (BUT DON'T TELL ME SHE DIED IN CHILDBIRTH!?!?!)
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